Hear is my idea for the teams! Do you guys like. Leave constructive criticism no TROLLS!

  • Teams: Coleton and Zack:The Gamers
  • Joe and Dylan:The unlucky guys
  • DaleAnd Eroumous: The party dudes
  • Jackson and Jordan: The “sort of couple”
  • Kenzie and Chloe: The northern
  • Girls Lance and Kennon: The bicker father and son
  • Abby and Libby: The dramatic twins
  • Mathew and Jasmey: The unpopular couple
  • Shelly and Andrew: Devin's ex and her tennis instructor
  • Snow and Ice: The mountain people
  • Weirdo Coleton and Wawaluigi: The weirdos
  • Chris and Chef: The total drama hosts
  • Gavin and Ezekiel: The guys who allays eliminated of first
  • Asher an Mahoney: The optic faze 360 MLG no scopers
  • Connor and Kubey: The minecrafters
  • Tavis and Oliver: The epic week smokers
  • Jacobs and Jacobs Jr: The politicians
  • Brady and Josh: The huge jerks
  • Ghost and Phantom: The horror fans
  • Professor and Nicole: The scientist and lab assistant
  • Lexi and Brandi: The feminists
  • Ted and Lewis: The heavy drinkers
  • Samantha and Frannie: The cute girl gamers
  • Caleb and Dong: The Samurai Masters
  • Bob and Bailey: The ice cold gold diggers

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