This contains some spoilers for Total Drama World Tour. Read at your own risk.

TDWT: If Duncan left in Episode 14

(SPOILERS) NOTE: In Total Drama World Tour, Duncan was eliminated 1st because he quit. He returned in "I See London...", episode 13 of TDWT. He was almost eliminated in the next episode, "Greece's Pieces", episode 14. But luckily, Chris wanted him in the game for longer and eliminated an Intern instead of him. This is what would happen if Duncan actually went.

The Elimination Ceremony

Gwen is shown watching the elimination ceremony, worried Duncan will leave.

Chris: "So, here we are. Let's look at why. Tyler volunteered for and lost the tiebreaker, which, is why you're all here. Plus, he got TKO'ed by a girl. Funny, yes, but unhelpful. Alejandro blew it in the hurdles, which caused the tiebreaker, which, is why you're all here. Plus, he knocked himself out trying to out-man a girl. All this, while his hair was in a ponytail."

Alejandro: "What does my hair have to-"

Chris cuts him off.

Chris: "And Duncan, he lost his 1st challenge back and managed to ruffle a lot of melted feathers. Plus, if all the girls get eliminated, we have no idea who he'll try to kiss next."

(Dramatic music starts)

Chris: "Your choice is pretty clear, but today, the final choice, is mine. And the drop of shame will be taken by..."

Gwen gasps in shock.

Duncan looks to his left at Alejandro and Tyler. Alejandro is whispering into Tyler's ear and looking at Duncan.

Chris: "Duncan!"

Gwen: "NOOO!!!"

Gwen (confessional): "I can't believe this! Duncan's gone!"

Alejandro tries to hi five Tyler, but they both miss and hit each other in the face.

Duncan is not shocked at all. With an angry look on his face, he calmy walks over to an intern holding his parachute. He grabs it and turns around.

Duncan: "Before I go I got something to say. I've been watching the show on TV, and I gotta say, your team has a person darker than Heather on it. And that person is..."

Chris quickly runs towards Duncan and pushes him off the plane.

Alejandro: "Amigos, we did it! We got one of Total Drama's strongest players eliminated!"

Tyler: "Yeah, but did you hear what he said? He said there's someone like Heather on this team."

Alejandro: "He lied."

Chris: "Duncan gone already? Who will go next? Will anyone find out Alejandro's evil ways? Find out another time, on Total, Drama, World Tour!"

The End.

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