North America
Gender Female
Eliminated Battle of the Labyrinth
Place 3rd
Teammate Clay
Relationship None
Friends Clay, Kenyatta, Evelyn, Charlote, Cealey, Grover, Kermit, Phineas, Candice, Rainer
Enemies None
Hometown Queens, New York
Original Pyramid Piece Strength, Knowledge
Sylvia Rosenberg was a character competiting in Endurance. She was labeled as The Overweight Matchmaker. Sylvia received 3rd Place.


Sylvia loved having doll weddings as a child. She'd take two of her dolls (regardless to which gender) and marry them. Her parents even have a video of Sylvia marrying a Woody and Chatty Kathy doll. Sylvia just loved the idea of true love. Sylvia probably creeped out many boys in her elementary years, but she instantly thought she fell in love with every guy she saw. When middle school came, so did romances such as boyfriend/girlfriend. Sylvia never actually got a boyfriend during middle school, but she did notice she had a knack for matching up other couples. Sylvia essentially got her two teachers to date and later get married. In high school, Sylvia met her first boyfriend, but then fell into the Adele Cycle. She found him cheating, and then wrote a song about it. Sylvia realized, she's happy without someone in her life anyways, and for the moment has given up dating. Sylvia's still matchmaking though, and hopes to match many more lifelong partners in the future. She audition for Endurance because she wanted to meet other people around the country, and vie to win a grand prize, because she feels she needs a vacation.

Chapter Guide

In This Is Endurance, Sylvia was found dipping strawberries into a chocolate fountain on the ship. She told how she wanted to find true love. She picked a bunk under Evelyn. When Candice announced the team ideas, Sylvia wasn't exactly happy with who her partner would be. Sylvia was paired with Clay as Team North America. She was happy with her new teamie. When Kasandra and Rainer were talking strategy, Sylvia decided to butt in to know about their plan. She told Charlote and Phineas about their plan to send orange and brown up to temple. Then, the brown, orange, purple, and green teams formed an alliance. Clay and Sylvia were lucky enough to get two pieces for being the last team to be made. They picked Knowledge and Strength. And their trip was to Brazil. Sylvia was confused about what a Samadhi was when JD mentioned it. She watched the blue and red teams tie their totem pole streamers to each other and watched Clay knock it down with a rock.

Temple History

# Chapter Other Team Status
3 Squeeze Play Australia Safe


  • Her image was drawn by Sprink.
  • Sylvia and Clay received one Samadhi.
  • Sylvia and Clay have been sent up to temple once, and survived.
  • The name Sylvia comes from Sylvia Fine from The Nanny.

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