Killer Katz
Syle Base
Gender Male
Hair color What Hair?
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated "Loser's Resort"
Place 5th
Relationship NA
Fear Cars,Penguins,and cats.

Total Drama Syle

In Total Drama Syle,He said he was Megan's Cousin.In The Pre vote,he voted "Lady Gaga!" In Challange 1 he was assigned to "Krazy Katz." Wheh he had to jump off the cliff,he got scared,the Yumi kicked him down. In Challange 2,he said Muffin twice in a trick.In Episode 3, his fear was cars,penguins,and cats. He got invivincibilty for sitting in the car the longest. His team lost,and he voted Ami. Challange 4:He came in 4th. His Team lost. He Voted Yumi. In Challange 5; he won. Challange 6: He was the first one to grab a cookie. Episode 7:He was eliminated.

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