Screaming Crabs Suzuki

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Relationship None
Family Parents
Friends None
Enemies Foxtrot, Chef Hatchet, The Contestants
Fear Physical Work
Talent Playing Video Games, Eating
Suzuki is labeled as The Squat Japanese Dude and is the cohost of Total Drama Tokyo.


Suzuki lives in Tokyo, Japan. He hates to exercise, and years of no exercise have made him squat. Currently, he does nothing at all except stare in front of some screen playing video games, doing the computer, watching TV, and whatnot. His parents are a bit concerned about his squatness and his obsession with video games, so they decided to sign him up for a reality show. Ironically, the show takes place in an arcade. Suzuki is actually looking forward to this show, because he can sit in front of more screens and get even more squat.


  • Suzuki is wearing the same clothes as Madison from Total Drama Athletics.
  • Suzuki is my go-to character for camps and submit-a-character stories.

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