Susan is a contestant in the show Total Drama X. She is one of fourteen competitors to be in the season "Sunset Valley". She is given the label: The Optimist.


Susan was always, as a young girl, optimistic about the things she did. As she got older and went to High School, she started thinking about careers in culinary arts and cooking.

She joined the show for the chance to earn the million dollar prize.


Susan has her hair in a ponytail and is quite "chubby". She wears an orange strap shirt with a dark red rim. Her pants are brown along with her shoes.


Susan tries to make the best out of every situation and is often seen trying to resolve conflicts. She doesn't like to fight or argue with people.

She also loves cooking and baking, so while she isn't the most athletic or durable, she is good at helping out with catching and cooking meals and foods.

Sunset Valley

Coming Soon

Audition Tape

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  • She is the last female contestant to be created for the show.


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