Susan (TDItW)
The Killer Koalas
Susan - The Techno Goth
Gender Female
Hair color Pink
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear Becoming boring
Susan, labeled as The Cyber Goth, is a contestant on Total Drama Into the Wild.


Name: Susan

Age: 16

Team: The Killer Koalas

Label: The Cyber Goth

Job/Hobby: Raving.

City: New York, New York, USA.

Three Words to Summarise You: Fun, Exciting, Spontaneous

Why do you want to be on Total Drama:

To have fun with a cool group of people with the chance to win a million dollars.

Greatest Fear?:

Becoming boring like my parents. They actually drink tea!

Why're you gonna win?:

I know how to have a good time. Some may call me a cyber goth because of my appearance and my personality, and sure they'd be right. But I'm more of a mix between Geoff from Total Drama and... let's say Crimson from The Ridonculous Race. This mix will allow me to win this game!


  • Out of all of the "Goth" characters (Gwen, Ennui, Crimson) Susan is different due to her Cyber Goth status.
  • Susan is an edit of George's Chloe.

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