Susan (TDHI)
The Tree Huggers
Team Emily
Gender Female
Hair color Pink
Episode Eliminated "ParaNewman"
Place 11th
Relationship None
Family TBA
Friends Ethan
Enemies TBA
Fear Bears
Talent She can calculate complex math operations in a few seconds.
Susan Newman, labeled The Nerdy Brainiac, is a camper/contestant on Total Drama : Happy Island


First graduating of high school at age 10, Susan has one of the highest IQs ever. She participated at tons of game shows, like Relatives Feud, Contestants Got Talent and many more. She has an IQ of 180.


She is very very intelligent, nerdy and competitive.

Time on Total Drama : Happy Island



  • On her Biography many parodies of Real-life game shows are mentioned
    • Relatives Feud is a parody of Family Feud.
    • Contestants Got Talent is a parody of America's Got Talent.
  • Her favourite colour is pink.
  • Her last name is Newman


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