(Morning, Spa hotel, 6:00 AM)

Mike: [yawns] That was the best night's sleep I've had in years.

Chris: Alrighty, Campers. Get your lousy behinds outside.

[The campers head outside]

Chris: Okay. Today's challenge focuses on Superheroes. You have to come up with a superhero costume, name, superpower and episode.

Mike: Superheroes? Cool.

Cameron: Why do you say that?

Mike: Because, I used to play Superheroes when I was a kid.

Chris: The challenge starts now.

[Later on, the competitors are making their costumes]

Chris: Okay, campers. Come on out and show us your costumes.

[Mike comes out first]

Mike: [poses heriocly] I am Multilad. And my superpowers are splitting into six copies of my self.

Chris: Excellent job. A hundred points.

Mike: Yes!

Chris: Next!

[Zoey comes out]

Zoey: I am Flower Power. My superpowers are turning things into flowers and using pollum and creating rainbows.

Chris: Amazing. Hundred points for Flower Power too.

Zoey: Awesome!

Chris: Next.

[Cameron comes out]

Chris: And who are you?

Cameron: Cameron.

Mike: [off-screen] Psst. Cam. It's supposed to be a special name. Not your own.

Cameron: Oh. Right. I'm Smarteron. And I'm super smart.

Chris: Impressive. 22 points.

Cameron: Alright!

Chris: Next!

[Duncan comes out]

Duncan: I am Fluid-Guy. My superpowers are turning into liquid to avoid any booby trap.

Chris: Awesome. 50 points.

Duncan: Cool!

Chris: Next!

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