Summer Camp is a Camp-Themed FanFiction, created by Dakota of the Total Drama Wiki.
Airing on the Reality Realized Network.


After the large success of the Total Drama series that eventually came to a close, popular televison personality Madison Roberts has decided to reboot the popular "camp competition" subgenre, with some minor modifications. Bringing 16 teenagers with completely different personalities to a brand-new summer camp, they will be forced to compete in a Battle of the Sexes, where the losing team will be forced to send one competitor home. Every challenge, both teams will nominate a Head Counselor, or Team Captain, who will be safe from elimination no matter what team wins. However, not only will the entire winning team be safe from elimination, but the Head Counselor of the winning team will nominate two members of the losing team to be eliminated, giving a new meaning to the phrase, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." The losing team will then vote off one of those two nominees, and they will forever be banished from Summer Camp.


Competitor Team Archetype Biography
Angel Girls Team The Pageant Queen Entering the pageant world as a young girl, she has grown up surrounded by fakeness, whether it be fake bodies or fake personalities. However, due to the rigidity of her pageant schedule, she has had little free time to be honest about herself, and has her "pageant face" on 24/7, and is always ready to compete. She joined Summer Camp in order to show the world the kindness in the other competitors, and hopefully help them grow along the way.
Bradley Boys Team The Self-Absorbed Model Bradley has a past in reality television. Previously competing on America's Next Hot Model, he was crowned the winner, which has drastically inflated his ego. He thinks that he is the hottest thing besides the sun, and can skate by in life using his good looks and his "hot behind." He joined Summer Camp because he thinks his looks can bring him to the finale and he can use the prize money for a second apartment in Los Angeles.
Dakota Boys Team The Preppy Schemer Dakota grew up in an upper class suburb, where he received everything he wished for. From his multi-thousand dollar watch to his five-hundred dollar boat shoes, Dakota has lived a life of lavishness. Being a fan of multiple reality competition shows, he decided to put his knowledge of competition strategy to the test by auditioning for Summer Camp, with hopes of using the prize money to begin his reality television empire.
Gabriella Girls Team The Listener Gabriella has always been shy. Because of this, she is often outspoken or interrupted in conversations, but has lots of friends because of her ability to listen without wanting to interject. Because of this ability, she also learns multitudes of information about people due to them feeling comfortable opening up to her. She joined Summer Camp in order to find her true voice, and to use her talent as a listener in order to open her own psychiatry clinic.
Grant Boys Team The Family Man Grant has always been the "caretaker" within his family. He always takes care of his family when they are sick, drives his younger siblings to wherever they wanted to go, and is always the loudest cheerer at their events. Because of his naturally caring and tolerant personality, he is very popular within his school, and people often go to him for help with their problems. He joined Summer Camp in hopes of using the prize money to help his family in all of their future endeavors.
Harmony Girls Team The Perfectionist Everything Harmony does needs to be perfect. Growing up with her performer parents, she was exposed to the overdramatic lifestyles of actors and actresses. Because of this, every word that comes out of her mouth is melodramatic and overconfident. Because of her go-getter attitude, she has landed many large acting roles all over the world. She joined Summer Camp in order to gain acting experience and to increase the familiarity of her name throughout the world.
Jake Boys Team The Gifted Athlete Jake excels in every sport he has ever attempted, from jai alai to quidditch. He has led his school to multiple national and international titles, and has received multiple scholarship opportunities from universities around the world. However, his true passion is music, and that is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. He joined Summer Camp in order to showcase his musical talents to the world, so he isn't thought of as only an athlete.
Lexi Girls Team The Manipulator Lexi knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. She has no problem with persuading others in order to achieve her goals and to raise her social status. She'll do whatever it takes to win competitions, no matter how drastic or malicious. She joined Summer Camp in order to use her manipulative personality to win the prize money and use it to buy herself a house on the beach and a new designer wardrobe.
Lucas Boys Team The Gossip Monger Lucas is always the first to know things and the first to spread them around. Depending on who he likes and dislikes, he proceeds to use his knowledge about them to make or break their social standing. He is highly followed on all forms of social media, and constantly posts updates about celebrities and other prominent figures. He joined Summer Camp in order to bring both fame to his gossip site in order to attract more visitors, and in turn, increase his fame as well.
Marissa Girls Team The Fashionista Growing up in New York City, and helping her mother design clothes as a child, Marissa began building relationships with several fashion designers throughout the world. Because of her height and unique fashion sense, she has also modeled for various modeling agencies, although she always states that her true passion is designing. She joined Summer Camp in order to show the world her creations, while using the prize money to begin her own fashion company.
Nikki Girls Team The Edgy Rocker Nikki is often misunderstood. People see her edgy attire, her fluorescent hair, and her dark make-up and often make prejudicial assumptions about her personality, when in all actuality, she is a normal girl. She performs gigs with her pop punk band, and she is well known within the genre due to befriending various artists. She joined Summer Camp in order to use the prize money to fund her band's demo tape, while being able to "stay true to herself."
Noelle Girls Team The Scholar Noelle has always been on a quest for knowledge. As a child, she was nurtured by her parents and was always the most advanced when it came to learning. She believes that her education is key to a successful future and that personal relationships are unnecessary in this stage of her life. She signed up for Summer Camp in order to use her knowledge of strategy and gameplay to her advantage and that she can use the prize money for her college tuition.
Ryan Boys Team The Black Widow Ryan completely lacks a moral compass. He doesn't understand the consequences to his actions. Don't get me wrong, he's easygoing and kind, and while he's fun to be around, he has no problem dumping his friends or his boyfriends for someone new, mostly due to the fact that he hates settling into a routine and hates boredom. He joined Summer Camp to have fun doing something new, and to make new friends in the process.
Tito Boys Team The Wannabe Tito tries to be everything that he's not. He does everything he can to try to fit in with the "cool" kids at school, but he is unable to do so. No matter how many times he is told to "be himself", he refuses and tries to fit in with another group, and is often bullied because of his subpar attempts to fit in. He joined Summer Camp in order to truly "fit in" with the types of people that ignored him when he went to camp the first time, or to use the prize money to throw the ultimate party.
Venus Girls Team The Ditz Venus has always been considered to be "unintelligent", although she probably doesn't even know what that word means. Because of this, in combination with her natural beauty, she is often taken advantage of by her friends and boys, who do so because of her large sums of money and her ability to have people over when her successful parents are away on business trips. She joined Summer Camp in order to prove that she isn't as dumb as everyone thinks she is.
Villiam Boys Team The Unknown Past Villiam is disturbed. He often says things not relevant to the current conversation that others find creepy or insane, and always speaks in a monotoned voice. Most of the time however, his comments go ignored because of the quiet tone that he often speaks in. He never divulges any information on his personal life or history, and left most of his application for Summer Camp blank, so it is unknown as to why he wanted to join Summer Camp.


Chapter I: Forest Green Is The New Black

The camera panned across the main portion of the campground, showing two cabins, one pink and one blue, and a large main lodge between them, with all three being made out of wood.
During the shot, the host of the show voiced-over, "This… is Summer Camp. The prime… or misery of many teenagers' lives."
The screen flashed to show the various locations and attractions throughout the campgrounds, including an archery field, a murky lake with a beach as well as a dock, a towering rock-climbing wall, and ultimately, a bonfire pit. A bus shook and squeaked as it drove on the rocky, unpaved trail to the main lodge, where the host of the show, Madison Roberts, a skinny woman in her mid-thirties with short black hair, wearing a fashionable dress with matching high heels was standing, waiting for their arrival.

“I'm your host, Madison Roberts, talk show personality and A-List movie star!" She smiled at the camera, prompting a snicker to emerge from under the breath of the cameraman.
“I’m sorry, is there something funny?” She asked him angrily, crossing her arms.
“I wouldn’t consider your movies to be A-List…” The masculine voice from behind the camera quivered, before hysterical laughter emerged from the unseen members of the crew.
“Listen. There’s a reason all of you are BEHIND the camera. None of you are personable enough, talented enough, or PRETTY enough to be in front of it. Now why don’t all of you remain seen and not heard, like you’re supposed to!” Madison threw a tantrum, before regaining composure and asking an offscreen crew member, “We can edit that out before the final airing, right?"
She found her mark on the ground and picked up from where she left off, "For the next seventy-two days, sixteen teenagers will compete in a battle of the sexes, eliminating one-another until only one remains. What are they fighting for? A quarter of a million dollars!”

She grabbed a metallic silver chest from off of the ground, and opened it to reveal several bundles of money, before closing it and walking from her mark to a gravel roundabout established in the center of the campground.
“That’s right, this season will feature everything a reality competition has to offer, from backstabbing to betrayal, and it will be captured by all of our one-hundred-and-fifty cameras, as well as over two-hundred microphones!” Madison described as the various technological setups were shown hidden within trees, bushes, and buildings throughout the campgrounds.

Madison (CONF): Our competitors, hereon referred to as ‘campers,' will record their deepest confessions here, in what we like to call The Confessional Cam! All of their juicy gossip, as well as strategy will be revealed in here, so I’d recommend subscribing to our live Confessional Feed, for only $9.99 a month, to hear all of the uncensored and unaired confessionals that didn’t make it on TV!

“Our campers will be arriving shortly, and the debut season of the most exciting reality competition ever will soon begin!” Madison smiled at the camera once again, before taking a drink from a water bottle and quickly applying face make-up.

The bus trotted down the pathway and ultimately came to a screeching stop, before opening its rusty doors and letting out the competitors. The first to emerge was a girl with honey blonde hair, wearing a red and white polka-dotted dress, with moderately-sized matching red heels.
"Ugh. Get me off of that disgusting bus.” Lexi walked over to Madison, holding an iced coffee cup.
"Lexi, welcome to Summer Camp!" Madison smiled at her, which was not reciprocated.

Lexi (CONF): I'm Lexi, and I’m from Beverly Hills, 90210! My hobbies include shopping, winning competitions, and getting what I want.

Lexi looked around, sipped on her coffee, and frowned even more, “Is ‘’this’’ where we’re staying? Please tell me the cabins have central air.”

“Who needs air conditioning when you have a beautiful lake to swim in?” Madison asked her, motioning to the brown lake, as a fish carcass emerged from under the water.
“One: that’s gross. Two: I'm pretty sure the fat kid like, is filled with noxious gas or something." Lexi glared behind her, and an overweight boy with blonde hair, wearing a Rastafarian sweatshirt and brightly colored shorts and shoes exited the vehicle.
“Tito has arrived!” Madison grinned as he approached her and picked her up, flailing her around in the air.

Tito (CONF): Yo, yo, yo! Tito is IN. THE. HOUSE. Or like, outhouse… WHO IS READY TO PARTAY?!

“Hey! Don’t damage the goods.” Madison directed as he released her back to the ground, before raising his arms to reveal large sweat stains through his sweatshirt.

“Quick question. How many layers of clothing did you sweat through?” Lexi drew back in fear while opening her mouth in horror.
“Three… It's a glandular condition." Tito let out a small smile before being whipped in the face by Lexi's hair as she turned to face the hostess.
"I don't care what it is. It smells. You smell. And if that continues, I'll make sure you're the first one voted out." Lexi smirked and walked to the other side of the host.

Next, a girl of mixed-descent with light brown and red hair, wearing a salmon and black striped shirt and baby blue yoga pants emerged from the bus.
“I’m sorry, I can’t seem to remember your name, what was it again?” Madison asked her.
“Gabriella.” Gabriella whispered as she smiled shyly.
“Pardon?” Madison leaned in and cupped her ear in order to hear more accurately.
"Gabriella." Gabriella repeated, but was still difficult to hear.
“Salmonella!! Cool name, bro!” Tito high-fived her.
"Gabriella." Gabriella said once more, before returning to her normal volume, "I’m sorry for yelling."

Gabriella (CONF): Hi, I’m Gabriella, and I’m just so excited to be here! I can’t wait to make so many new f-

A Cuban boy with brown swoop in his hair, wearing a black blazer with a pink shirt underneath ran from the bus screaming.

"Oh. My. God. There was like, a spider on the bus, and the spider was HUGE, and guess what? I caught my blazer on the emergency handle switch and IT RIPPED." Ryan spoke in one breath before gasping for air.
"Ryan!" Madison interrupted.

Ryan (CONF): Heyyy! I’m Ryan, and I’m from Miami, Florida! It’s always super fun making new friends, and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

"Wait a minute." Lexi said, approaching him, "I thought gay people were all successful overachievers. You didn't bring like, your sewing kit with you to fix it?”

"Um… Lexi, that’s not very politically correct.” Gabriella spoke softly, prompting Lexi to whip her hair once again in Tito's face.
"Nobody asked you." Lexi snapped.
“I’m sorry, did someone say ‘sewing kit?’” A girl with auburn hair, wearing a multi-patterned dress and knee-high cowboy boots exited the bus, carrying a needle-and-thread.
“Our very-own couturier, Marissa!” Madison introduced her, as she quickly finished fixing the tear in Ryan’s blazer.
“Piece of cake.” Marissa dusted off her boots and stood up.

Marissa (CONF): Growing up in New York City, I guess it’s a pretty common place to venture into the world of fashion. I’ve modeled, designed, every aspect of fashion, basically. Hopefully this will be my shot to make it big!

“Would you be able to show me how to do that?” Gabriella asked quietly.

“Sure! It’s really easy actually.” Marissa began explaining as she lost her footing and fell onto Gabriella.
Gabriella fell back quietly, bumping into a boy with dark purple hair and bloodshot eyes, wearing a turtleneck shirt and yellow pants, who seemed to appear out of thin air.

"Sorry." Villiam said in a monotone voice, without any expression on his face.
"Nice to meet you, Villiam!" Madison held out her hand, but he did nothing except stare at her.
"My dad found a dead body in a closet once. She was brunette, just like you." He spoke once again in his monotone voice and proceeded to stroke the hostess's hair, leaving Madison and the competitors uncomfortable, except for Lexi, who was busy brushing her hair.

Villiam (CONF): …

“Yo dude, love the hair color!” Tito went to high-five him, and Villiam licked his hand, “Woah, bro! At least buy me dinner first!”

Tito laughed at his own joke before realizing no one else joined in, and walked away, as a boy with medium length brown hair and a turquoise V-neck shirt got off the bus, texting on his uPhone.
"Just arrived at camp. Hashtag lame." Lucas spoke quietly to himself while typing on his phone. He proceeded to look up at the other competitors, and then back down to his phone. "Bunch of losers here. Hashtag winning."
He continued walking while texting, and bumped into Madison, who grabbed his phone and put it in her purse.
"What gives? I have to let my 29,428 loyal Tweeter followers the latest gossip surrounding Summer Camp!" Lucas pleaded with her.
"No electronics allowed, Lucas." Madison wiggled her finger in his face, before he stood next to Lexi and pulled a second phone out of his pocket.
“Blonde girl is CLEARLY a wannabe villain. Fan favorite? Like for no, Retwit for no.” Lucas mumbled as he typed away on his phone, before laughing quietly to himself and returning to his phone.

Lucas (CONF): Hey. You probably know me, but if you don’t, I’m Lucas, the owner of, and I’m here to give you all of most likely uninteresting information on Summer Camp.

Lexi rolled her eyes at Lucas and purposefully spilled her iced latte on his pants.

Lucas stood up from his seat and recoiled in horror, “Were you raised in a barn?!”
"Whoops, sorry.” Lexi said unapologetically.
"Can you spill some on my pants too?" Villiam asked her once again in a monotone way, but was ignored.

Villiam (CONF): I enjoy the pain.

Next, a girl with jet black hair and bright blue eyes, wearing a red beret and a sailor's dress entered from the inside of thebus, carrying pictures of herself that she proceeded to hand out to the competitors standing there.

"Hi, I'm Harmony!" Harmony said enthusiastically.
"H-" Gabriella began again, before being cut off by her.
"Before you speak, I know you totally recognize me. It's because I'm the Gerber Baby. I've been acting since I was a fetus, literally. An ultrasound of me was featured on Order and Law, VSU!" Harmony smiled at the cameramen while posing.

Harmony (CONF): If you want to learn more about my exciting life, you can feel free to buy the script of the first act of my autobiographical musical, Harmony, Not Melody, written by myself, soon to be gracing the stage of Broadway!

After finishing her blatantly scripted monologue, she smiled at the other competitors, most of which did not reciprocate, and posed for the cameras once again.

“Which side is my good side?” Harmony asked the cameraman, “Don’t even answer, I know it’s both!”
“Or neither.” Lucas contrasted, and Lexi laughed once loudly before wrinkling her face in disdain and completing her coffee, and she proceeded to throw it in the overflowing trash bin next to the group.
A boy with a pompadour-style haircut, wearing a plaid button-up shirt, pastel-colored pants, and boat shoes walked off the bus, and looked at the other competitors, before walking over to Madison.

Dakota (CONF): Let me guess. Manipulative queen bee, wannabe Rastafarian, outspoken sweetheart, overly-flamboyant gay guy, fashionable hottie, creepy loner, overly sarcastic internet star, and melodramatic actress. Could the casting process be any more predictable?

“Dakota! Welcome to Summer Camp!” Madison shook his hand.

“Pleasure to be here, Madison. Question. Would you be able to confirm or deny the rumors that have been floating around the Summer Camp wiki that this season will follow a Battle of the Sexes format? Also, can you confirm that there in this season, there will be two teams of eight members?” Dakota spewed questions at Madison, who was visibly annoyed.

Dakota (CONF): Sure she probably hates me, but I need to be able to perfect my strategy, and having info on the format and how the gameplay works can definitely give me an edge.

“Any questions may be asked at the completion of introductions.” Madison answered angrily as Dakota noticed Lucas.

“Wow! You’re Lucas from!” Dakota grabbed his hand and shook it, “I follow you on Tweeter for all of your reality show spoilers!”
“Charmed.” Lucas shook back weakly, before returning to his phone.
“Are you twitting about me? Can you give me a shoutout?” Dakota looked at Lucas’s phone, much to his dismay.
“I wasn’t, but I sure will now.” Lucas said sarcastically, distancing himself from Dakota.

A girl wearing high-rise pants and large glasses proceeded to walk off the bus, reading out loud from a large book.
“…nobody knows who built the Taj Mahal. The names of the architects, masons, and designers that have come down to us have all proved to be latter-day inventions, and there is no evidence to indicate who the real creators were. Isn’t that fascinating?" Noelle asked the other competitors while pushing up her glasses.
"And Noelle has arrived." Madison cut in.

Noelle (CONF): Greetings, my name is Noelle. Sure, multitudes of people find my personality to be extremely abrasive, but I can’t help my thirst for never-ending knowledge.

A bird flew over the competitors’ heads, and Noelle grabbed a small notebook from her backpack.

“Day one: ring-necked pheasant.” She documented in the volume.
"I think the proper term is like, peasant." A girl with long black hair, wearing a revealing shirt and shorts with a purple bow in her hair explained while getting off the bus.
"I killed a pheasant once." Villiam chimed in in his usual tone.
"Venus!" Madison smiled.
"Can you even spell pheasant?" Lexi rolled her eyes at Venus.
"Um… F. E. Z…" Venus struggled before frowning, "That's not right, is it.”
“Pheasant is spelled P-H-E-A-S-A-N-T. It’s Middle English, from Old French fesan, via Latin from Greek phasianos ‘bird of Phasis,’ the name of a river in the Caucasus, from which the bird is said to have spread westward.” Noelle explained, while Venus tilted her head, visually confused.

Lexi (CONF): Venus is probably the dumbest person I've ever met. But that means I can easily manipulate her.

Lucas began snoring loudly, before proceeding to say, "I'm sorry, but you guys are just so boring. Can we move along please?”

A blonde-haired boy wearing a fluorescent tank top and sweatpants proceeded to flip off of the bus multiple times before landing with perfect form in front of Madison.
“Sup?” He fist-bumped Tito and high-fived Villiam, before being rejected by both Lucas and Dakota.
“Our star athlete, Jake, has arrived!” Madison announced to the other competitors, who, besides Tito, were unenthused.
“Yo bro, what’s up? Sweet kicks!” Tito pointed to Jake’s custom Freebok sneakers.
“Thanks, man. They were a gift from the Commissioner of the American Futbol League for my national victory.” Jake smiled, while showing Tito his shoes.

Jake (CONF): What’s good? I’m Jake, and you may recognize me from my frequent appearances on AthleticCenter. I’m here to bring my team to victory!

“If either one of them uses frat boy slang to describe each other one more time, I might have to put a ‘Maninist” sticker on their shirts.” Ryan rolled his eyes.

Jake proceeded to jump to the ground to perform push-ups as an extremely attractive male, wearing a purple shirt with a deep v-neck, along with dark gray cargo shorts and matching sneakers emerged from the bus.
“Bradley?” Marissa asked and walked over to him.
“I’m sorry, do I know you?” Bradley asked her as he adjusted his hair with the aid of a puddle on the ground.
“Welcome to Summer Camp, Bradley!” Madison greeted him, but was ignored.

Bradley (CONF): Hey I’m Bradley. You might recognize me from America’s Next Hot Model, or modeling for Follister, American Beagle, and Gabercrombie and Hitch.

“Oh my gosh. You’re Bradley from America’s Next Hot Model!” Ryan squealed, “I rooted for you from day one, you were obviously the most attractive one on the show!”

“I know.” Bradley rubbed his teeth with his finger and opened his mouth to reveal his overly-whitened teeth.

Noelle (CONF): Based on his measurements and what I’ve observed so far, I would say it’s safe to deduce that Bradley is made up of hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, carbopol, sodium hydroxide, silicone, and possibly water?

A girl wearing a long silver dress with matching high heels, along with white gloves that went past her elbows, was the next to emerge from the bus, brushing her medium-length, strawberry blonde hair. She stepped to the ground and noticed a squirrel scurrying next to her. She lowered herself to the ground and it crawled into her hand, and she stroked its head, while speaking to it, saying, "Hey there, little guy."

She proceeded to feed it a peanut before letting it go, and turned to face the competitors, and smiled.
"Hi everyone, I'm Angel. My hobbies include helping everyone I can, as well as spreading kindness throughout the world." Angel introduced herself before smiling again.
“You’re literally like, so adorable it’s contagious.” Ryan hugged her gently.
"I have something that's contagious." Villiam whispered in Lexi's ear, and her eye proceeded to twitch out of fear.

"Do you know how unsanitary it is to touch a wild squirrel? Be careful! Squirrels can bite. If bitten by a squirrel, seek medical attention promptly, to prevent the risk of infection." Noelle began scolding Angel before having her mouth shut by Madison.
“Just so you know, competitors catching exotic illnesses will only increase our viewership." Madison interrupted as the final competitor left the bus and it drove away, revealing a boy in a sea foam green V-neck with brown spiky hair, covered by a baseball hat.
"Wow." Ryan and Marissa smiled and looked at each other.
"Hey guys, I'm Grant." Grant introduced himself to the other competitors and flashed a smile, revealing shiny white teeth that reflected in the sunlight.
Gabriella, Harmony, Marissa, Nikki, and Venus quickly rushed to him to introduce themselves.

Bradley (CONF): I’m sorry, but I’m much more attractive than he is.

"Sorry ladies, but right now, I only have room for two people in my life. My mother, and my little sister." Grant said kindly.

“Gross.” Lexi rolled her eyes.

Harmony (CONF): Handsome AND a family man? He's everything I need to maximize my screen time!

Dakota (CONF): Grant is definitely my first target to eliminate. Someone that perfect can't make the final two.

Madison managed to pull the girls away from Grant, as she stood on the path, wondering the location of the sixteenth competitor.

She asked an off-screen producer, “Where’s the country girl?”
The screen flashed to an unknown bus station, where a girl with strawberry-blonde hair, wearing a blue-and-white plaid dress, with knee-high socks and blue high-heels sat on her luggage, looking saddened.
Meanwhile, back at camp, Madison was now shown to be speaking
“Well what am I supposed to do? I only have fifteen campers!” She asked rhetorically, “The entire format of the show is based off of having sixteen competitors!”
A muffled voice was heard from the other end of the telephone, and Madison responded, “I guess we could cut the show down to fourteen…”
“Vabandage mind?” Noelle inquired in Estonian.
“I’m sorry?” Ryan asked as well.
“First impressions twist!!!” Dakota jumped up and down with glee, “So exciting!”
A plain tan sedan drove steadily down the gravel pathway and came to a stop, and a girl with fluorescent magenta and cyan hair, wearing a cropped vest and t-shirt, skin-tight maroon jeggings, and platform boots emerged from the vehicle, carrying a guitar case.
“Could someone point me to the bathroom?” The girl asked politely, and was shown to the confessional by an intern.
“BUT I WON’T.” Madison smiled happily.

Nikki (CONF): Is that… a camera?

She proceeded to exit the Confessional, where Madison was standing outside.

“And what’s your name?” Madison asked her.
“Nikki… And I’m going to assume that this isn’t Rock Camp…” Nikki said, biting her lip.
“Correct! You’re our sixteenth and final competitor on Summer Camp!” Madison announced, and confetti exploded from two cannons next to Nikki, messing up her hair.

Nikki (CONF): What?

“What’s Summer Camp?” Nikki asked, scrunching her face in confusion.

“A new reality competition, where you’ll attempt to outcompete the other competitors for a chance at two-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars!” Madison answered, and more confetti blasted in Nikki’s face.
Nikki turned to face the other competitors, and noticed Noelle and Venus studying a Kindergarten spelling book, Angel feeding a bunny, and Jake still doing push-ups, while the other competitors smiled at her, with the exception of Lucas and Lexi.
“Wow, you’re super edgy and hardcore.” Lucas rolled his eyes sarcastically, “Where’s your record player?”
“It’s actually in my bag. We can listen to some tonight if you’d like!” Nikki held her hand out for him to shake, but he turned away and texted on his phone.

Harmony (CONF): Did she mention Rock Camp? I WILL NOT have another performer hogging my spotlight!

Madison proceeded to hand Nikki a stack of paperwork, and turned to face the competitors to interview them about their impressions thus far.

“Marissa? How does it feel to be selected to be one of the sixteen competitors, out of nearly forty-thousand applicants?” Madison questioned her.
Marissa laughed softly while thinking of an answer, “I guess I’d have to say speechless! I don’t know how you could describe a moment like this. You really don’t expect something something like that to happen in your life."

Madison turned her view to Villiam, and asked him, “Villiam, give me one word to describe your fellow competitors so far!”
“Jugular.” Villiam said, without a moment of hesitation.
After a brief moment of awkward silence, Madison turned to Angel.
“Angel,” Madison began, “How will you utilize your pageant abilities within this competition?”
"I think we can relate this back to education, and… how… we are continuing… to try to strive… to… figure out how to create jobs right now. That is the biggest problem right now. I think, especially the men are… um… seen as the leaders of this, and so we need to see how to… create education better… So that we can solve this problem. Thank you.” Angel smiled confidently.

Lucas (CONF): Where do they find these people?

“Excellent answer!” Madison smiled and turned to Dakota, “Dakota.”

“Hey Madison!” Dakota responded enthusiastically.
“Do you think your knowledge of reality shows will help you thrive in this show?” Madison asked him.
“You know, Madison, it’s very hard to say. Because this is brand-new, I have no one to truly base my gameplay on. I’m going into this blind, just like everyone else!” Dakota shrugged his shoulders.

Dakota (CONF): Please. As if I was going to say that I have a strategic edge? That would only put a huge target on my back.

“Two more quick questions… Bradley. You have a past in reality television. Do you think America’s Next Hot Model has prepared you for Summer Camp in any way?” Madison inquired.

“Definitely. If I’m lookin' good, I’m feelin' good.” He winked at the camera.
Madison wrinkled her face, blatantly confused by his response, before turning back to the camera, “Okay… And lastly… Nikki.”

She turned to face Nikki, “You weren’t even supposed to be a part of this competition. What do you think of your luck right now?”
“I can’t even begin to explain it. I mean, obviously it’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone to have, so obviously I won’t be disappointed if I lose, because I wasn’t even supposed to be here in the first place! But winning the prize money to fund my band’s demo tape would be super exciting.” Nikki smiled.

Lexi (CONF): Could they find anyone more boring?

“Please follow me to the main lodge, where I’ll explain the format of the season!” Madison declared as the group followed her into the large log cabin and into the main hall, which had several fireplaces on both sides with ornate engravings, and a large double-arched stairway at the end of the hallway which led to the dining hall.

Harmony (CONF): This is how I plan to live when I’m famous.

The group paused in the center of the room.

"This season, you will be competing in a Battle of the Sexes!" Madison began to explain, "Every four days, each team will nominate the one person they believe can lead their team to victory, whether that be through their physical endurance, mental stamina, or social abilities. This person will be called the Head Counselor."

Dakota & Lexi (S/S CONF): Clearly I’ll be the Head Counselor every week.

Madison continued her scripted speech, "The Head Counselor from both teams will be safe from elimination, no matter which team loses. However, the Head Counselor on the winning team will have the honor of nominating two members of the losing team for elimination. Whoever has the most votes from the losing team will be eliminated."

"Wait a sec.” Venus interrupted, “Okay, so I don't want to be eliminated, right?"
"No. You don't want to be eliminated." Madison spoke slowly.

Venus (CONF): Hi mom! Hi dad! I know you’re both probably somewhere really fun right now but if you’re watching, I’m doing good so far!

“Any other questions about the competition format?” Madison asked the competitors.

“What kind of competitions will there be?” Jake asked from the floor, while performing sit-ups.
“There will be seventeen challenges over the remaining seventeen episodes. Each challenge will be based off of various aspects of camp life and activities. They can be physical, mental, or endurance-based.” Madison answered.
“Is there a limit to how many times someone can be voted Head Counselor?” Nikki asked, and Dakota and Lexi quickly leaned in to hear the host’s response.
“The same camper cannot be Head Counselor two times in a row, in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to be eliminated.” Madison smiled evilly.
Gabriella raised her hand to ask a question but was interrupted by Madison, “I have just been informed that we are out of time for this week’s episode! Join us again next week for the selection of our first Head Counselors, our first challenge, and our first elimination! How will the competitors fare when they have to swim, paddle, and lift their way to safety? Find out next week, right here, on Summer Camp!”

The screen faded to black as the credits rolled.

Chapter II: Totemly Wrecked

As the screen faded in from black, clips of the previous episode flashed along the screen, including clips of Harmony posing for the cameras, Angel struggling to answer her interview question, Lexi spilling her iced Coffee on Lucas, and Villiam appearing behind Gabriella, while the host of the show, Madison Roberts voiced-over, ”Last time, on Summer Camp! The sixteen competitors began their quest for a quarter of a million dollars! Enemies were made, attractions blossomed, and friendships were formed.”
The scene flashed to show Madison standing in front of two large totem poles. "How will these competitors fare when put to the test in their first challenge? Who will be the first person eliminated? Find out now, on Summer Camp!”

The scene flashed to the girls' cabin, and the eight girls walked in through the front door, into the grandiose common room. They noticed the walls were painted a light shade of pink, with eight oars hanging on the wall above a lavish stone fireplace, each decorated with their name, written in a cursive script. The common room had three doors, with the outside two leading to smaller bedrooms that contained four twin-sized beds, and the inside room leading to a typical shared bathroom.
“Pink? Great way to reinforce gender stereotypes.” Nikki rolled her eyes, prompting a chuckle to emerge from Noelle, who high-fived her before returning to her book.

Noelle (CONF): According to studies, friendship helps foster good health, longevity and alleviates stress. That’s exactly what I need in order to excel in this competition.

“I personally believe that our cabins should be painted red, white, and blue, in order to reflect the values and honor our the best country in the world, America!” Angel smiled and waved to the cameras.

“I speak fluent American!” Venus chimed in, before being entertained once again with a spelling book by Noelle.

Harmony (CONF): I should’ve corrected them on their political incorrectness, but intelligence is ‘’not a good quality for TV. I mean come on, have you ‘’seen some of the shows that are on nowadays?

Lexi cleared her throat to get the others' attention in the room.

“We need to separate out and get settled in before the challenge starts.” She directed, “Angel, Gabriella, Venus, and I will take this room, and you four can take the other one.”
She motioned to the two rooms before departing into the left room, followed shortly thereafter by Angel, Gabriella, and Venus, who shut the door behind her.

Gabriella (CONF): I don’t know why Lexi wanted to room with me, especially after being so mean to me in the first episode!

The scene flashed to the first bedroom, where Lexi was unpacking the various pink outfits given to here for the various challenges to take place throughout the season. Venus began to put her duffle bag down on the bed next to Lexi’s, but was pushed away by her, who said, “No. Gabriella is sleeping there.”

Gabriella reluctantly placed her bag on the bed as Lexi began, “I’m not going to beat around the bush. I want an alliance. With the four of you we’re guaranteed at least a tie in the votes the first elimination, and majority in the votes thereafter. As long as we vote one of us as Head Counselor every week, we’ll always be in control of the game.”

Lexi (CONF): I know what you’re thinking. Why align with these idiots? Because they’ll give me the least trouble when it comes down to it. When it comes to backstabbing, Angel is too nice, Venus is too dumb, and Gabriella is too quiet.

“And with this alliance, we’ll achieve peace throughout the nations!” Angel pageant waved to the others in the room.

“Okay!” Venus licked her lips as she wrote furiously in her spelling book.
Gabriella nodded her head in agreement.
“Perfect.” Lexi smiled as the scene flashed to the second bedroom, where Noelle, Nikki, Marissa, and Harmony were claiming their beds.
“What was that about?” Marissa asked the group.

Marissa (CONF): Did I know they were making an alliance? Of course. Was I going to be the one to say it out loud? Of course not.

"According to Sigmund Freud, humans are born screaming for attention and full of organic drives for fulfillment in various areas.” Noelle began, “Lexi just wants attention, and those girls are going to give it to her in the form of an alliance.”

Harmony perked up at the sound of the word ‘alliance’.
“Did somebody say alliance?” She asked.

Harmony (CONF): Alliances equal screentime.

“I’m down if you guys are.” Nikki added.

“I guess it’s an alliance, then!” Marissa smiled.

The scene flashed to the boys' cabin, where the eight competitors entered through the front door, into the common room, which was an exact replica of the girls' cabin, painted a light blue color instead of pink. They found the oars with their names decorated upon them, and mutually split up into their rooms, with Dakota, Grant, Jake, and Ryan entering the first room, and Bradley, Lucas, Tito, and Villiam entering the second room.
In the first bedroom, the guys all flung their bodies on their respective beds, before Dakota sat up and began to speak.
“Before we go into this challenge today, I think we should make a pact to vote together if we lose.” He suggested.
“What, like an alliance?” Ryan flipped his hair.
“It’s not a good idea to throw that word around this early in the game. Maybe it could lead to that in the future, but for now, I just think we should have each others’ backs for tonight.” Dakota explained, looking at Jake and Grant.
“Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.” Grant adjusted his hat.
“Sounds like a plan.” Jake dribbled a soccer ball on his knee.

Dakota (CONF): Let me explain my reasoning. Sure, it seems that this group has nothing in common, but each has a trait that is needed in a great alliance. Jake handles the physical challenges. Grant handling the mental challenges and puzzles, and Ryan being our eyes and ears for the girls’ team. And every alliance needs a mastermind and leader, doesn’t it?

Tito walked into the room as Grant asked, “So who’s our primary target if we lose this week?”

“YO YO YO what is up, my brothers?” He put his hand up for a high-five, but received stares from the others.

Jake (CONF): Where did he even come from?

“We’re kinda having a private conversation here.” Jake stood up and told him.

“Game talk? I’m down.” Tito sat on the bed and removed his shoes, prompting a stench to emerge into the room.
“But we don’t really want you here.” Dakota smiled fakely.
The boys stood in silence for a few seconds before leaving Tito awkwardly in the room.

Ryan (CONF): Aca-awkward.

Back in the girls' cabin, all eight of the girls were sitting upright on the sectional in the common room.

"So who do we want to be Head Counselor?" Marissa asked the group.
"I think we should go around in a circle and each give a reason why we should become Head Counselor." Noelle brought up, to the agreement of the girls.
"I'll go first." Lexi stood up and adjusted her dress, "Hey guys, I'm a natural-born leader. I always win whatever I try, and I'm like, really pretty."
Lexi sat back down and crossed her legs, as Nikki stood up and began her speech.
“I’m just super honored to be here. It would honestly be so great to be chosen by everyone to be Head Counselor, but if I don’t get chosen, that’s okay too!” She smiled and sat down.

Noelle (CONF): The entire point of this show is to win challenges, take safety whenever it is offered to you, and make the finals and win the prize money. Why not campaign for immunity if you can?

Noelle, who looked confused, stood up, and began, “Let’s see… There’s a forty-three percent chance this challenge involves some sort of puzzle or mental component. I graduated high school two years early, and I am currently attending college for my undergraduate studies in Psychology and Political Science. I should definitely be able to handle the mental component.”

Noelle sat down and Angel was the next to state her case. She began, "I think that everyone here has great characteristics that make them worthy of Head Counselor. Sharing the stage with these beautiful women who all have something wonderful to give to the world is a victory within itself!”
Harmony took Angel’s spot as she read from cue cards, "I'm Harmony, and you should totally pick me to be your head counselor. If elected, I vote to lower the price of the vending- Wait. These are the wrong cue cards!"
She ran out of the room, crying, and Marissa took her spot, and began, “I have many qualities that make me fit for-"
"Okay! So that wraps it up!" Lexi interrupted, "Let's go vote!"
Gabriella, Marissa, and Venus looked at each other, not having a chance to state their reasoning for being chosen as Head Counselor, as the girls departed from their cabin.

Harmony (CONF): I totally blew my Head Counselor speech. I'm so ashamed.

Meanwhile, in the boys' cabin, the boys were sitting casually on the sectional in their common room, while Dakota, Ryan, Grant, and Jake were still in their room.

“We need to nominate a sheep for Head Counselor.” Dakota told them.
“A sheep?” Grant asked.
“Someone who we can manipulate into doing whatever we say, but won’t get suspicious while doing so.” He explained.
“So Tito basically.” Ryan suggested.
“God, he’s annoying.” Jake took a break from his sit-ups, before switching to push-ups once again.
“But if we choose him for Head Counselor, we can’t vote him out if we lose.” Dakota realized.

Grant (CONF): I normally don’t dislike people. I’m easygoing. Tito seriously annoys me.

The four emerged from the room and sat with the others on the sectional.

“So how should we determine a Head Counselor for this week?” Tito asked.
"I personally nominate Lucas for Head Counselor." Dakota announced.
“And why would you say that?” Lucas looked up from his phone and asked, surprised.

Dakota (CONF): I think that nominating Lucas for Head Counselor will be a win-win. If we lose, everyone blames him and I sit back and watch our team self-destruct. If we win, I'm safe.

"I agree, dude." Grant chimed in.

"My head counselor had an accident, once." Villiam proclaimed in his usual monotone voice.
“Lucas totally makes sense as the Head Counselor. Odds are, the first challenge is mental and you have proven yourself to be THE most intelligent person here.” Ryan announced, sarcastically.
“I guess that is true.” Lucas smiled and returned to his phone.
“So we’re set?” Dakota asked the group, and received murmurs in reply.

Lucas (CONF): Obviously those idiots are working together. Why else would they all coincidentally decide to pick me for Head Counselor? Whatever, doesn’t matter to me. I’m guaranteed to be safe for at least a week.

The scene flashed to the Mess Hall, where Madison stood in front of the competitors, sitting at two tables painted with their team colors.

"Since you all have had ample time to deliberate, I will not delay you any longer. One by one, you will vote by writing the name of the person you wish to be the Head Counselor on the comment form, and place it in your team's respective box. You cannot vote for yourself. After everyone has voted, I will calculate the votes and explain the challenge. Bradley and Gabriella, you two are up first." Madison explained.
Bradley and Gabriella proceeded to walk to their team's respective comment boxes, and write a name on the comment cards with oversized markers. They dropped their cards into the box, and walked back to the table.
The scene faded, showing each of the members scribbling on their comment cards and dropping them into their respective boxes. When Angel and Villiam returned to the table, Madison returned with the votes tabulated.

Lexi (CONF): If everything goes to plan, I should be Head Counselor.

Bradley (CONF): Lucas is Head Counselor, and I can sit back, relax, and look pretty.

"I have tabulated the results. While one of the cards from the boys' team was written in blood… The vote was nearly unanimous. Lucas is your Head Counselor this week." Madison announced.

Lucas was handed the Head Counselor visor, and Madison turned to face the girls' team.
"Your vote was far from unanimous. It was close, however. And by a vote of four to three to one, Marissa is your Head Counselor." Madison announced, and Lexi and Venus gasped.
"Wait, we were voting for Head Counselor?" Venus asked, "I thought we were voting for elimination!"
"No." Madison rolled her eyes.

Lexi (CONF): Venus is literally the dumbest person I've ever met. Now I have to play nice so I escape elimination this week.

Lucas (CONF): Debating on whether or not to lose on purpose so that idiot Tito goes home. I don’t really like any of these people so I’d be fine with any of them leaving.

Madison handed Marissa her visor, and she placed it lightly upon her hair. Lexi her arms in anger, and Madison proceeded to hand every competitor an orange life vest.

"Meet me on the dock in ten minutes." Madison smiled as the show cut to a commercial.
The screen faded in from black to reveal the sixteen competitors on the dock, where a large, elaborate rig was set up, which had fourteen pedestals, each with a handlebar attached to a long rope, which held a single puzzle piece at the end, all of which varied in size.
"Welcome to your very first team challenge!" Madison announced, while the competitors glared at her, "…well then. The purpose of today’s challenge is to build your very own team totem pole! At my start, each of you will grab onto your handlebars, which are attached through the rig to a piece of the other team's totem, with the weights of the pieces correlating directly to your weights!”

Harmony (CONF): Basically revealing our weights on television? I’d rather not.

"Madison? I would like to inquire about the athletic equivalencies between our teams." Noelle raised her hand.

“I’m sure that however much of an advantage the boys have in terms of athleticism, you alone make up for in intelligence.” Angel smiled, placing her hand on Noelle’s heart.
“Which brings me back to the challenge. If you let go of your handlebar, your pedestal will drop and you will fall into the water.” Madison explained, pointing to the murky, sewage-colored water below, “The piece of the other team’s totem will fall to the ground. Once all seven pieces of the totem are dropped, you can begin to put the pieces together, like a puzzle. The first team with their totem complete will win the challenge and immunity!”

The fourteen competitors took their places on the pedestals and grabbed their handlebars, while Marissa and Lucas waited below with Madison.
“On my count, the weights will be released, and the challenge will begin!” Madison announced, “Three… Two… One… Begin!”
The weights were released, and immediately the competitors began to struggle with the weight they were being forced to withhold.

Tito (CONF): Yeah, I work out, so this challenge will be a breeze for me.

The screen flashed back to the challenge, and Lucas held up his phone.

“Smile!” He said happily, and took a photo of the competitors struggling to hold the weights, before typing into his phone and putting it into his pocket.
The camera panned to Angel, who was visibly having difficulty, trying to hold the weight. Her hands eventually slipped and she let go, falling into the water, releasing a bag of puzzle pieces onto Luca’s side.
“And Angel is the first to fall!” Madison announced, laughing as Angel emerged from the water, covered in brown liquid.

Angel (CONF): My legs are strong from Irish Step-Dancing, which also happens to be my talent, but my arms… Not so much!

Lucas immediately opened the bag and distributed the puzzle pieces as both Noelle and Ryan fell from the platform, released a second bag of puzzle pieces for Lucas and the first bag for Marissa. Lucas began constructing the totem pole as the three fallen competitors sat on the dock.

Villiam appeared, completely dry, next to Lucas, prompting him to emit a high-pitched scream as a second bag dropped onto Marissa’s side, and she began building her puzzle.

Villiam (CONF): …

A montage began, showing Noelle, Tito, Venus, and Bradley falling off of their platforms and into the water, releasing two more bags to both Marissa and Lucas.

“Grant, Dakota, and Jake remain for the boys, and Lexi, Gabriella, and Nikki remain for the girls!” Madison announced, and immediately Lexi dropped, “Make that only Gabriella and Nikki!”

Lexi (CONF): These girls already dislike me. I can’t stay up any longer to put a larger target on my back!

Nikki’s arms began to shake and she fell as well, leaving only one bag remaining for Lucas to complete the totem pole.

Back on the platform, Dakota stood between Jake and Grant, and explained to them, “Listen. On my signal, I want both of you to drop. I will guarantee our alliance safety next week and win the challenge for us.”
“Isn’t that a lot of trust to put into one person?” Grant asked.
“And couldn’t one of us go home if you lose this for us?” Jake added.
“Just trust me.” Dakota snapped.

Jake (CONF): I single-handedly could’ve won this challenge. But I trust Dakota, so I’ll do whatever he says… For now.

Dakota nodded and both boys fell, leaving only Dakota and Gabriella remaining on the platform.

“Grant and Jake fall at the same time!” Madison announced as two more bags fell in front of Marissa.
Bradley wrinkled his face in disdain.

Bradley (CONF): Jake, the boy who never stops exercising, fell before Dakota. Sure, I could’ve stayed on longer, but I couldn’t risk tearing a muscle. Jake has no excuse.

Gabriella and Dakota both stood comfortably on their platforms as the rest of the competitors waiting for one to drop.

Gabriella (CONF): I realize that this is putting a tar-

“A little birdie told me that I’m going to be Head Counselor next week. If we win the challenge, and you drop, I promise not to nominate you.” Dakota told Gabriella.

“And if you don’t get chosen as Head Counselor?” She asked him quietly.
“I’ll convince whoever is not to. And whenever I am Head Counselor I will not nominate you.” He smiled.

Dakota (CONF): Sure I wasn’t going to be loyal to Gabriella. But something tells me she’s not one to complain that loudly.

Gabriella agreed and dropped, releasing the final bag of puzzle pieces, allowing Lucas to complete the totem pole.

“THE BOYS WIN!” Madison yelled.
The boys’ team cheered and hugged each other, while the girls were saddened and Marissa picked up their unfinished totem pole.
"Congrats to the boys team for winning the first challenge!" Madison smiled, "All of you are safe from tonight's elimination."
An intern rolled out a board with six envelopes, three blue and three pinks, stapled to it.
"As a bonus for winning the challenge as Head Counselor, you will nominate two members of the girls team for elimination, as well as getting to pick the team names!" Madison prompted the intern to roll the board closer to Lucas, "Please select one blue envelope and one pink envelope."
“Lucas…” Lucas rolled his eyes as he selected the first blue envelope and the middle pink envelope.
Madison proceeded to open the envelopes, and faced the camera, "From here on out, the girls will be known as The Femme Fatales, and the boys will be known as The Courageous Casanovas!"
The teams' respective logos flashed over their heads, and the Femme Fatales were still angry due to their loss.
“Lucas, you have two hours to choose your nominees!" Madison concluded.
The scene flashed to the girls' cabin, where the girls sat on the couch.
“Who do you think he’s going to nominate?” Marissa asked, looking significantly less nervous than the other girls.
“He hasn’t really talked to anyone besides his phone, so it’s safe to say anyone can be nominated at this point.” Lexi spoke half-heartedly.
“True.” Harmony agreed.

Harmony (CONF): While the nominees get a significantly larger amount of screen time, I can’t risk going home.

In the boys’ cabin, the boys separated into their rooms, with Lucas proceeding to deliberate with Bradley.

“Listen. I’m not going to tell you who to nominate.” Bradley told Lucas, who was texting in his phone.
“Gee, thanks.” Lucas rolled his eyes.
“But make sure to nominate a pawn against your true target. Someone who will definitely not go home.” Bradley suggested, causing Lucas to look up from his phone.
“That’s actually helpful advice. I’m surprised someone so attractive actually has something smart to say.” Lucas smiled.
“I have your back if you have mine.” Bradley held his hand out.
“Sure, whatever.” Lucas returned to his phone.

Lucas (CONF): I need to get more allies if I want to have a chance against Dakota’s alliance. But the only other options are Tito and Villiam…

The screen flashed to the mess hall, where Lucas looked at the portraits of the Femme Fatales, with Madison standing next to him.

“Lucas, before you nominate, I will explain another twist." Madison began, before moving off-screen to grab a small tree with keys hanging off of its branches. "This is the Tree of Temptation. As winning Head Counselor, you may select one key, which opens the chest behind me with the corresponding number. Each chest contains either a prize or a punishment. However, you cannot tell anyone about this twist or about your reward."
“Could you have gotten anything better than this “Charlie Brown” Christmas Tree knockoff?” Lucas rolled his eyes.
He pulled a golden key off of the tree that contained a number four on it. He walked over to chest four and opened it, and handed the envelope to Madison.
"As a result of the Tree of Temptation, you must nominate one member of your team for elimination along with one member from The Femme Fatales.” Madison smiled.
“Oh, thank God.” Lucas grinned happily.
”Don’t worry, the details of this twist are confidential and you will not be exposed. Are you ready to nominate?" She asked him.
“Definitely.” Lucas replied confidently.
"Please hand me the portraits of the two competitors you want to be nominated for elimination." She explained, and the scene cut to the confessional.

Lucas (CONF): There’s a certain member of our team who is dead weight… A lot of dead weight.

The scene flashed to the campfire pit.

Madison stood in front of the girls, who were seated around the campfire.
She explained, "Femme Fatales. You have lost the first challenge, and thus, are up for elimination. Lucas has locked in his nominations, and the following people are safe…"
She tossed an immunity patch to Angel and Gabriella.
"Angel and Gabriella." Madison spoke-over.
She tossed an immunity patch to Venus, Marissa, and Harmony.
“Venus, Marissa, and Harmony.” She continued, with three patches remaining. "Lexi, Noelle, and Nikki. One of you is definitely safe from elimination. That person is…
She tossed the patch to Lexi, who smiled evilly.
“Now, you may be wondering why I still have two patches available to be handed out. As part of a twist this week, America has decided to nominate one member of The Courageous Casanovas alongside one member from The Femme Fatales.” Madison explained, handing one of the two remaining patches to Noelle.
“Lucas, as the opposing Head Counselor, has nominated Nikki for elimination. Let’s find out who America has nominated…” Madison motioned to the walkway, and Tito entered, visibly confused.
“Yo?” He greeted them with a confused inflection.
“Hey Tito, please take a seat next to Nikki, as you have been nominated by America for elimination as part of a twist this week.” Madison informed him, and he did as told.

Tito (CONF): I’m like, so confused. What did I do wrong, America?

“Each of you must now vote for who you want to be eliminated from Summer Camp." Madison explained, and the screen flashed to show some of the girls voting in the confessional.

Lexi (CONF): I have to vote for-

Angel (CONF): I am SO sorry for voting you out, -

The screen flashed back to the girls and Madison.

“Nikki and Tito. The Femme Fatales have voted, and I have one patch left to give. After I announce the votes, the eliminated competitor must grab their bags, step on the bus, and never return." Madison continued.

Nikki and Tito (S/S CONF): I didn't want to go this early…

Madison pulled a slip of paper out of the comment card box.

She proceeded to build up the suspense while holding up the patch. "By a vote, of four to three…

Tito. You are the first person eliminated from Summer Camp."
She tossed the patch to Nikki.
“Bro, I’m still like, totally confused.” Tito picked up his duffel bag and stepped on the bus, "At least I can throw a rockin’ party now!”
The bus closed its door and drove down the gravel path.
The camera panned back to show Madison, with the Femme Fatales heading off in the opposite direction to their cabin, watching the bus depart from the camp before turning to face the camera.
"And with that, we are down to fifteen! How-“ Madison began to end the episode before receiving a text message.
She looked at her phone angrily before dialing a number.
“Another twist? Are you kidding me?” Madison spoke into the phone angrily, before a muffled voice spoke back to her. She angrily hung up the phone before fake smiling for the camera.
“I may not watch this show, but I know when there are too many twists, and we now have too many twists. Some of you may have noticed the awkward encounter between Marissa and Bradley in the previous episode.” She explained as a flashback played, showing Marissa and Bradley’s interaction, “As it turns out, they previously dated for almost two years! While Bradley was made aware of the fact that Marissa was also competing, Marissa was not, hence why she was surprised at his appearance!”
Madison moved to a television screen, which showed Bradley and Marissa sitting together in the confessional.

Bradley and Marissa (CONF): We’re the Ex-Factor twist! Once a day, we will meet in secret to divulge any information about our respective teams’ strategies. If we can make it to the merge without being discovered or eliminated, we will both immunity for one week as well as ten thousand dollars. If anyone enters the confessional and states that they know our secret or if either of us is eliminated, the twist is discontinued and the other will continue to play as an individual.

Madison rolled her eyes, “Real original. Now as I was saying: How will loyalties lie when the girls find out who voted who? How much longer can the guys go without fighting? And which team will ultimately win a battle of mental capacity? Find out next time, on Summer Camp!" Madison signed-off, before the screen flashed to show final confessionals.

Harmony (CONF): The Femme Fatales is an appropriate team name for us… We're going to kill each other.

Marissa (CONF): The Femme Fatales is an appropriate team name for us… We're going to dominate from now on.
Lexi (CONF): Femme Fatale is an appropriate name for me… I'm going to be the last one standing.

The screen faded to black and the end credits rolled.

Chapter III: TBA

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Chapters
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
TBA Bradley IN WIN
TBA Gabriella IN IN
TBA Harmony IN IN
TBA Noelle IN IN
TBA Villiam IN WIN
16 Tito IN OUT

Color Code

     This contestant was on the Femme Fatales.

     This contestant was on the Courageous Casanovas.

     WIN: This contestant was the Head Counselor on the challenge-winning team.

     WIN: This contestant was on the challenge-winning team, or won individual immunity for his/herself.

     IN: This contestant was not on the challenge-winning team, but was not nominated by the winning team's Head Counselor.

     SAFE: This contestants was not on the challenge-winning team, but was safe due to being selected as Head Counselor.

     NOM: This contestant was nominated by the challenge-winning Head Counselor, but was not eliminated.

     OUT: This contestant was eliminated from Summer Camp.

     WIN: This contestant was the winner of Summer Camp.



  • The character of Harmony is directly based off of the character Harmony, from the television series, Glee.
  • The character of Dakota is based directly off of the author Dakota of the TDIFF Wiki.


  • Credit goes to Lulu for drawing the character images of Bradley and Villiam.

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