Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother, Sister, Brothers
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Bullies, Getting Caught
Talent Eavesdropping, Keeping Secrets

&nbsp Stewart is a character labeled The Eavesdropper. Stewart has yet to appear in a story.


Stewart is the second of four children, and the quiet one of the family. He has tendencies to go unnoticed, because of how rambunctious his siblings can be, especially his older brother, who is the school bully. One thing Stewart does benefit from in his translucent personality is the ability to listen in on private conversations and not be noticed. He figured out he had this ability early on in life, and now finds joy in eavesdropping on his classmates and family. He sometimes uses the information he picks up as a secret weapon against bullies that target him for his meek appearance and shyness, threatening to reveal their secrets to the public, as he works as an editor of his school newspaper. Stewart would never use his gift for evil though. He does not like to gossip, but rather just be in the know. Stewart is a trustworthy person, and an amazing secret keeper, so he knows how to control himself.

Stewart auditioned for Total Drama because he wanted the chance to get away from home, and to spice up his life. He hopes to be able to eavesrop on Chris McLean, and use his gift to stop him from beng such a sadist, at least to him.


Stewart was created by The Anonymous User

Stewart's image was drawn by Sprinklemist

Stewart's name was originally going to be Gavin, but I saw it was used for one of Anonymos' cancelled characters, so I chose to change the name in case the character returns later.

Stewart was to appear in Koops' story, Total Drama Havoc, but since the story was cancelled, Stewart is unclaimed once again. He was eliminated third in Havoc for playing two sides of an alliance.

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