Gender Female
Hair color Red
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Parents(deceased), Foster Parents.
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Being outcasted, Prejudice, Hurricanes
Talent Being Judged, Being Outcasted, Art, Swimming
Stephanie is The Mis-Understood Girl of the group


Stephanie was born in New Orleans, Lusiana. Stephanie was a very happy girl, untill Hurricane Katrina hit. Stephanie was in her room at the time. She was about to go to sleep when the storm hit. She heard something hit the house. She wasn't that concerned. She heard some wind and rain. She wasn't bothered. However, when she looked down and saw the bottom of her door soaked. She then got scared. She opened the door to find water all over it. She heard the winds howl outside. She ran to her parents to wake them up, in hopes that they would all escape the storm together. When she was almost at her parent's room, that section of the house collasped, crushing her parents. Devastated at this, Stephanie ran to the front door when a piece of the roof fell on her, pinning her to the ground. Thankfully, her face was not in the water, but water was still rising. She panicked and called for help, no one came. She began to push the debree off of her. When she was done, the eye came in. Everything got calm. Stephanie was frozen in fear, she knew the eye wouldn't last forever. She ran outside to see cars flipped over, houses ripped to shreads, and people hurt. Someone came and took her to a shelter where she was out of harms way. When she got to the shelter, she cried over the lose of her parents. She was also beaten, bruised, and scratched up badly due to the wreakage. She had some pretty deep scars. The woman who took her to the shelter felt sorry for her and adopted her. Once the storm was over, they moved to Georgia. There, Stephanie was teased because of the scars on her arms and legs. She was taken as emo because of her scars. Stephanie hates that prejudice, and has very few friends who understand her. Stephanie often cries to herself due to the teasing and bullying she receives on a daily basis.

Stephanie joined Total Drama: The Production to get away from life. She hopes to meet some people who won't judge her.

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