Staci was on Total Drama Pahkitew Action

Episode 1:

Staci arrived blabbering about all of the same stuff. She was placed on her team for the first challenge. Her team was nice and she didn't talk much after. Her team lost, but her name was called second, making her safe. 

Staci (TDPA) and (TDCI)
Grizzly Bears

Battling Bunnies

Gender Female
Hair color brown
Episode Eliminated "Dumb School Musical" and

"I Won't Take No Killer Crap!""

Place 12th and 14th
Relationship None
Friends Bridgette (TDPA), Zoey, Izzy, Dawn, Katie, Sadie
Enemies Lighting, Heather, Bridgette (TDCI), Eva,

Episode 2:

Staci woke up when Izzy heard something. Staci didn't say much, stilll trying to be everyones friend. 

Later, Staci and her team went to the challenge. They lost again, but, she wasn't the reason they lost, making her safe.

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