Stacey: Plane O' Losers
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Unknown"
Place Unknown
Relationship Unknown
Family Unknown
Friends Everyone
Enemies No one
Fear Prison
Talent Being helpful
Stacey is a member of Team Freakdos in Total Drama: Plane O' Losers. She is labelled as The Stylish Goody Goody.


Stacey was raised to be a good and helpful person and she has been all her life. She has a lot of friends in school and never gets bullied. She is on the school council and has been class president several times. She came on the show to win the money and open up a school for special needs so she can help those children. She plans on winning by being helpful so no one will vote her off. Her pink cap is her lucky hat and whenever she has won competitions, that cap has been worn. She hopes that the cap will help her win.

Audition Tape

"Hello! My name is Stacey and you should take me on your show because I am really kind, nice, I am in the school council, I am the class president....again, I have eradicated bullying form this school and I am friends with everyone here! So if you pick me then I'll be as helpful as I can!"

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