Spense, labeled The Cool Dude is a player in Total Drama Insanity.

Shouting Spiders
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "feeling lucky?"
Place 6th
Relationship Julie, Halle (one sided on her side)
Family parents
Friends Zeke, Matt, Tyler, DJ, Julie, Craig, Noah, Maya, Daisy
Enemies Harold, Halle (one sided on his side)
Fear TBA
Talent Skateboarding, Acting, Singing, wrestling, basketball


Spense was once a timid boy, but that all changed at the age of seven when he got on a skateboard for the first time. Since then, Spense has lived in the wild side of life, trying all sorts of new things, like singing and acting, as well as wrestling and basketball. His basketball team remains undefeated with him on it, thanks to Spense stealing the ball right from an opponent's dribbling lots of the time, and his ability to score three-pointers from the other side of the court. Spense also remains undefeated in wrestling in his town. Spense has more interests than that, though. Known for an outstanding performance at his school's talent show and an outstanding performance in Aladdin as Jafar, Spense is the sole reason why Drama Club at his school isn't considered nerdy or girly. Spense is always looking for a challenge, a new thing to try, a new way to push himself to the limit. Spense joined TDIn to challenge himself and to show the world what he's made of!


  • Spense's appearance is an edit of Duncan
  • Spense is one of the many characters who's name and some personality traits are based off of someone in the author's personal life
    • In this case, the author himself
  • Despite this, Spense's personality isn't completely based off of the author. Spense represents the author's interests and opinions more than any other character, such as his hat rid of Harold and his acting and singing talents.
  • Spense was the first boy at the park to click with a girl. (in this case, Julie)

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