Sparkleland is a reality television show revolving around the lives of five clashing roommates in the thrilling Las Vegas area. It is produced by Auntie Sparkles, the original roommate.


  • Roby Guajarez - The main guy. He's known Auntie Sparkles since five years back, when she eerily appeared at all his football games. Through a chain of events, they ended up living together. (Odd, I know.) Anyway, he can best be described as charming, level-headed, and cockily charismatic. He is passionate about playing the sax in his university's symphonic band. Roby has glasses and dark curly hair and wears clothes from Walmart, but despite looking the dorkiest of the crew, he has the least basement-dweller propensity.
  • Losey-Doozy Drinkwater - Folks call her batshit. Back in junior high, when these folks were all friends, she did strange hand motions and whispered to herself. She'd always barge into their group when she had nowhere else to stand before the bell ring or sit at lunch, despite being a total stranger. They later found out she was rather cool and just had an odd brain that makes the whole world seem different to her, hence why she has no quibbles with sitting by strangers. (As she puts it, "It's like I wasn't granted some inborn 'herd mentality' that everyone else seems to have.") Losey-Doozy is shockingly hypersexual, sloppy, intellectual, and girly, and she cracks crude jokes. She identifies as queer-gendered and bisexual, though boys in particular are practically her entire world.
  • Carson Lollader - He, like Roby, plays the sax. Unlike Roby, though, he's a perpetually single Minecraft nerd.

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