Southern Belles American Travelers
The Newer Sophie
Gender Female
Hair color Brownish-Red
Episode Eliminated "The winner of Total Drama States is... "
Place 2nd
Relationship Nik (His Side Only)
Family Mother, Father, Two Sisters
Friends Dan, Tonie, Daisi, Teddie, "Zoo-Zoo"
Enemies Nik, Kassi, Miranda, Lola, Mari
Fear Bears
Talent Flirting, Getting What She Wants, Singing

Sophie is labeled as The Mean Flirt in Total Drama States.

Total Drama States

Sophie won the Pre-Game Immunity Vote by using her popularity and looks. She quickly formed alliances, and was at ease to backstab anyone who was in her way. Throughout the competition, she won many challenges and made multiple enemies. Eventually she had a change of heart after a heart-toheart conversation with Dan. She opened herself up to making friends with the remaining contestants. She placed second out of eighteen, with a total of four out of nine jury votes.


  • Sophie is an appearance edit of Bridgette. I did this beause their personalities are complete opposites.
  • Sophie was one my favorite characters to write for.
  • I considered having her win.
  • Originally, her change of heart was going to be a strategy she used to make it to the end, but I decided against it.

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