Slim Bankshot

Slim Bankshot labeled as The Pool Legend, is a contestant in Total Luigi's Mansion and was the 1st to arrive at the mansion.



When he was alive Slim was a world pool champion. No one dead or alive ever beat him. One night he and his best friend Jack were playing. Jack was winning and Slim was furious so he hit the ball so hard it ricocheted of the pool table and hit him, shattering his skull.


When dead Slim continued to play pool often offering Jack (now dead because he comitted suicide) another go at their unfished game to which he always replies no. Slim also got intrested in ladys. Slim signed up to Total Luigi's Mansion to meet some people and possibly fall in love with someone.

Total Luigi's Mansion

Chapter 1 Part 1

When Slim first arrived he hyperventilated beacuse he loved the show and almost passed out. He didn't do much for the first part but he did fall in love with somebody (Melody Pianissima) like he wanted to.

Chapter 1 Part 2

In Chapter 1 Part 2  he along with the other contestants took a tour of the mansion. At the start of the challenge Slim said him and Melody would search in the music room but he lied and all through the challenge all he and Melody did was kiss. At the end of the challenge Shivers finds them saying that they cost them the win because the flag was in the room the whole time. Later at the elimination ceremony he was in the bottom 3 with Melody and Professor E. Gadd. Like all the other ghosts except for Shivers who voted for Slim and Nana who voted for Melody, Sli voted for E. Gadd and the professor was sent packing.

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