Skyler, the Social Darwinist, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

"Only the strong survive" is Skyler's motto. Skyler has watched all four seasons of Total Drama (and read several Total Drama fanfics on the Internet), and intends to make his team the best it could possibly be, by not only working out at the gym so he can be in top shape physically, but also brushing up on information at the local library so he can be in top shape mentally.

Skyler says that when he first sets foot onto the island, he will immediately form an alliance with those who are as prepared physically and mentally as he is.

Thing is, he does tend to gravitate more towards the men than the women when it comes to making alliances, since he believes that women should be more suited toward staying home and being in the kitchen rather than being out in the wild. So don't be surprised if his strategy seems misogynistic to you.

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