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Team Smart Foxes

Sky is an original TDPI contestant labaled "The Athlete". She makes a short appearence on Total Drama Season of Stars as a part of the team Smart Foxes.

Total Drama Season of Stars

In Like Old Days she first appears at the big ship chasing Sierra who gives Dave a piggyback crossing by Noah, Cody and Owen who start laughing. When Chris says that the ship is going to explode she starts running to the life - boats along with the other 49 contestants. She hops on the life - boat with a fox on it. When they arrive to the docks they realize that this was a challenge and that they are on the winning team. In Dream Match she has no lines but watches how some of the contestants fight their dreams and gets a marshmellow at the elimination ceremony. In Gaming, dodging and more she has no lines but is hit by Izzy along with Leonard. In Paintball Rabbits and Foxes Hunt she has no lines but still becomes a fox. In Floating Shame o' Trivia she first appears chasing Sierra and Dave while crying that Dave is hers. She makes her second appearence at the floating trivia not answering a question and being automaticlly eliminated. In The Show goes on... and on... And ON she is mentioned by Dave when he cries all over the episode.

Opening Sequence

She is seen swimming along with some other contestants but swimming away scared of Izzy's costume. She then appears on Dave's picture.

Promo Clip After Elimination

She cries until she sees the camera:

Sky: What - so!

She puts her hand on it.


  • She is the first finalist to be voted off.
  • She is a candidat for returning.

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