Simon (TDW)
Screaming Beavers
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDW: Brick by Brick"
Place TDW: 15th
Relationship Carol

Simon, labeled The Jock, qualified for Total Drama Woods and is on the Screaming Beavers.


Total Drama Woods

Simon is the fourteenth camper to arrive on the island. He is the captain of his high school varsity football, basketball, soccer, and baseball team. He is not the best with grades though. He joined Total Drama Woods to show the world his athletic skills.

In Here and Now?, Simon jumps and gets 50 points.

In Fame Is the Name of the Game, when the guys are complaining he says that he gets up at this time each morning. He auditions for the talent show by riding a bike, but he crashes into the cabin.

In Canoewrecked, Simon is partnered with Kyle, but does not talk.

In The Gold Meddle, Simon shoots the flaming arrow at Derek and succeeds at knocking it off his head, but he sets the confessional on fire.

In Cirque de Stupide, Simon doesn't talk.

In Jeopardy!, Simon is chosen to throw the bananas.

In The Lakeside Story, Simon doesn't do that much.

In Brick by Brick, Simon is chosen to put cement on the bricks. He forgets to and the whole wall falls over at the end of the challenge. Simon is eliminated, but reveals that he wrote the love letter to Carol. They share a kiss before he is dragged down the Dock of Shame.


  • Simon's appearance is an edit of Tyler.

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