Hey peeps! I'm writing this new story called, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Summary: Noah and Cody have had an awkward relationship since the "incident". They always wondered what would happen to them. Well, when a prank occurs and they have a falling out with the embarrassment and humiliation getting to them, Noah must make the most life-changing thing that ever happened to him: should he stay on Total Drama and work things out with Cody, or will he leave the show forever?

Meanwhile, Cody is trying to decide whether to escalate his relationship with Noah or let it crash down like the economy.

Note: I am not a member of TotalDramaFanfiction, so don't leave bad comments saying stuff like, " This is terrible!" or, " How could you?!" or even, " They don't have a relationship so why would you say that?!" This is not a NoahxCody story. It's just a story about whether they should like each other or not. It may seem like they love each other, but they don't know if they should date or not.


There I stood, inside my tralier, just waiting for it to hit me: humiliation. Ever since I accidentally kissed Cody, everyone's been on my case about it. I mean, seriously. Me and Cody? Please, I'd rather have my brain pulled out than go out with him. We're not good friends, we're not good friends, we're not best friends, we're not friends for life, we're not even friends. We barely know each other. He's a low-life, peeking in high school skeeze. And what's worse of all: I think I like him.

Chapter 1: Truth or Dare

" Hey Noah! Can I ask you something?" I set my book down and sighed, " What is it, Izzy?" " Okay, okay, truth or dare?" I rolled my eyes at the orange-haired loon. " Okay, truth." " Did you like it when you kissed Cody?" Speechless. I stood speechless. Why would Izzy ask a question crazier than herself?? " Can we switch to dare?" " All right, I dare you to answer my question. Did you or didn't you like it?" I should've been more specific, I thought. " Later Iz." " Hey! Get back here! You're breaking the rules!" " Rulse were made to be broken, honey." Izzy jumped in front of me and blocked the door. " Look, I'm not trying to annoy you, but just answer the question and you can go in." " Fine. I didn't like it. Now get out of my way." I shut the door before she could question why.

" So, he's not so sure if he liked it or not." Izzy shook her head and said, " Sorry, Codemister. He's just not sure yet. Are you?" Cody blushed and said, " Well, I'm sure it was as nauseating as Noah, himself." Then Izzy cooed in A sing-song voice, " You know you liked it." " I did not. Rather have my head in a vise." " Okay, I'll believe you for now, but I predict that love will be in the air." As she skipped off, Cody muttered, " Liked it? Love in the air? Was that Izzy or Heather in disguise?" It was.

While "Izzy" walked into the tralier, Justin appeared in a dark corner. " Did you get the info Heather?" Then the imposter took of her poreclin mask, she spoke, " They're both uncertian." " WHAT?!" " Our plan to humiliate 'em is gonna be harder than I thought." With a peculiar grin, Justin said, " Hey, we got the truth part. Now let's escalate from 'truth' to 'dare'." " Hmm, very sneaky. Let's do it." What will they do now?

Chapter 2: Pranked Kissing and Falling Outs

I laid in a pool chair by the pool, I heard flip-flops walking up to me. Was it... him? Nope, just the "anti-me". " Hey, Noah." " Well well well, they let you out of rehab early?" " Why would I be in rehab in the first place?" " For being ugly." In an annoyed tone, he said, " Probably thought I was you." Just when I was about to leave, he suddenly appeared. " Umm, hey Noah." " Cody." With a smirk, Justin said, " Oh yeah. I forgot. I think there's something you two need to do." He forced us closer, nose to nose. " Justin... what are you doing?" " What needs to be done." Before we could narrowly escape, he forced us even closer and forced us to kiss.

We were like statues; statues who were stuck in a position. Our lips felt like they were glued together. When we finally released, Justin posted this as a Twitpic. " Well, I always knew you'd be a good couple." Embarrassed, Cody ran off with tears rolling down his cheeks. Outraged, I deleted the pic, slapped Justin as hard as I could, and ran after Cody. I hope he was hurt the same way I was. The forest was damp and misty. I searched through the fog until I found a weeping sad sack. " Cody? Are you okay?" " No! Thanks to you, the entire world will be laughing by tomorrow." " Hey, why would you blame me for something the anti-me do to you?" " Well, if you didn't kiss my ear then this whole thing would've never ever happened!" " That's a total crock. Who'd wanna kiss you?" " Vice versa." " Well, even if it was an accident, that'll be the only kiss you'll ever get. What to you to say to that?" " Here's what I have to say." Then.... POW! His fist knocked be down like a ton of bricks. I laid there betrayed and angry. I knew we weren't meant to be.

Chapter 3: Tears and Frendship Kisses

The next day, I looked up Twitter to see if Justin posted the embarrassing pic. He didn't but the pic was on there.... which was altered to look like I was kissing him. I looked at the top of the Tweet and it said, "posted be codemister12 at 8:00 P.M.". CODY! I shut my laptop and threw my head on my pillow, which was flooded with tears. How could he backstab me like that. I skipped lunch for the day, too humiliated to leave my bed.

The hours turned into days and I seldom left my room. When I was about to fall asleep, someone knocked on the door. Then it opened. " Hello? Noah?" It was Cody. " What do you want." " I'm guessing you saw the pic. Well listen, that was not me. My real user name is codemister15. Justin changed his user name to fool you again." I wiped my tears, turned my head towards him, and said, " You mean, even though we had a bad fight last night, you still didn't retaliate." " No. I'm really sorry I broke down at you. I was just angry and embarrassed at your 'anti-you' and I took it all out on you. I'm really sorry." I just smiled. " So, I got you lasanga from lunch that you missed today." " Thanks Cody. And don't take this the wrong way, but.." Then I gently kissed his cheek. " ...Thanks." He blushed for a moment, and said, " That was a friendship kiss, right?" I nodded.

Chapter 4: Friendship Controversies

For the past few months, the closer we became friends, the harsher the pranks got. Even though I really like Cody, I don't know if a friendship is right, if a relationship is right, if anything is right. If I don't get seperated from him quick, we'll be scared for life. I was packing my suitcases, then Cody noticed me packing and said in a very worried tone, " Noah? Why are you packing your suitcases? " I'm leaving Total Drama. It's best for both of us." " Why?! We're getting along real well." " I'm sorry Cody, but the more we're together, the more people will think we're in love. I can't stand to see you like this. I care more about you than my staying here." Suddenly, a river of tears flooded Cody's cheeks. " Well, I don't know if it's romance or not, but...I love you." Then he kissed my cheek, wept, and left. I gently rubbed the cheek he kissed and thought, I think I love him too.

Cody sat in a pool chair sad and confused. Should I date him or not, he thought. I never knew how intense our relationship would be. I couldn't stand to see him like this, just cause I wanted to save his dignity. I sat in the chair next to him and said, " Cody, I'm really sorry I hurt you. I never knoew my decision would affect you this badly." " It wasn't just the decision that hurt me. It was the possible future. I if the kiss on your cheek freaked you out a little, I'm sorry. I just got a little emotional. I mean, the rest of the show without you and the possibility of us never seeing each other again. Chill city." Then I emotionally huged him and said, " Well, if we're a couple or not, I'll never forget you." " Wow, tender moment." " Yeah, and usually in movies or my sister Leah's novels, this is the part... where... we..." Then without another word, we kissed.

Chapter 5: Confusion and Final Decisions

I was in my room at night, stripped to my tank and boxers, dumbfounded about the kiss and confused if I should leave or not. Then Justin came in to have a heart-to-heart. " Hey Noah." " Hey traitor." " I saw you and Cody peeling grapes last night." " You saw us kissing? Oh no, you're not gonna post a Twitpic about that are you?" " No. Plus, I deleted the other one and changed my user name back. Look, I'm sorry about the prank, but I do want to know this: are you leaving and are you and Cody a serious couple???" I paused, sighed, and said, " I don't know if I'm leaving, and.................. I don't want to humiliate Cody, but I'm just so connected to him." Justin smiled and said, " Well, whatever you choose, he'll be happy no matter what."

" Hey, Noah? You IM-ed me telling me to meet you in your room. Wow! You really know how to decorate. Is the mini Venus de Stylo statue new?" " No, but the Mozart bust is new." " Oh yeah, what did you have to tell me?" " I did a lot of soul-searching and i decided... I'm gonna stay with you on Total Drama." Then Cody and I embraced. " Well, I thought about this too, and I just want to say, maybe kissing you was a little different, but once again, I got a little caught up in a moment of---" " Emotion?" " Yes. Still, that was a pretty good first kiss." " Thanks. So, what were you thinking of?" " I was thinking... that we should stay friends." " Well, you're not just my friend, or my good friend, or my best friend." Then we said in unison. " You're my friend for life."


So maybe I was wrong to judge Cody before. He's not really a bad guy. After keeping our "relationship" on the QT, we became really close. So I'll never forget that magical summer with him-- my friend for life.

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