This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Shattered Inside by CrystalNeonSummerSnow.


Trent stood on the set of Total Drama Action, carrying his bags and guitar case.

" I can't wait to leave this place." Trent muttered while shooting a sharp glare at Duncan, who was posing with his shirt off for Gwen. To win her back, Trent pulled out his guitar and strummed a sweet melody that attracted Gwen like nails to a magnet. Annoyed, Duncan said,

" Big deal. So Strings over here can strum a flat note. So? I can play electric guitar."

" Well, at least I can make music!" Trent snapped back.

" Oh yeah? Well, Strings, I doubt that your nursery rhymes that you call 'music' will hit the Billboard the minute it's released."

" Well, my 'nursery rhymes' are way better than your heavy metal. I mean, it sounds like you're bangin' your head against your guitar while playing."

" Boy, you better watch it before I brand an expiration date on your back. Oh, wait, you probably want a G branded on your back."

" Well, it's better than havin' a C branded on me."

" Wannabe."

" Blink burger."

Then before they could get physical, Chris blew his whistle and said,

" Okay, dudes. Settle down. Okay, remember when I said you'd be going home? Well, you are, but it's totally different; you'll be living in boarding school."

" Boarding school?" Gwen asked.

" You want to send us to a place just to live with the rich and annoying?"

Chris nodded.

" Now board the bus. I don't have much time to argue."

  • last real confessional scenes

Trent: What?! I have to go to boarding school with DUNCAN?! That's weird, but so not cool! I have to see him beat up poor boys, doing graffiti on lockers, cheating on tests, and worst of all, he's gonna torture me more!!

Duncan: Well, the only good thing of seeing Strings's ugly kisser is that I get to torture him more. And I think I know his main weakness.

Gwen: Boys are such idiots. So Duncan has a buff bod and so Trent can really play a note. So? They think that I'm gonna indulge my face in either of them. No, I won't.... Right?

Chapter 1: First Day

Trent woke up one morning and the minute he hit the snooze button..... SPLASH!!!! Duncan snuck into Trent's dorm and put water balloons above his bed.

" Water balloons? Really??? Well, lucky me, I have to deal with this throughout Sophomore Year."

He grabbed a towel, got dressed, and rushed to his 1st period class.

Before class started, Trent decided to do a little payback. He snuck into art class, took all the white glue, and put it on Duncan's seat (along with loosening the bolts on the desk). The minute Duncan sat down, the desk collapsed and the seat was instantly glued to his butt. While everyone laughed, Duncan's face was fuming. He knew Trent was behind this. Before he was sent to the principal's office (as usual), he glared at the still laughing guitarist and whispered,

" Ooohhh, you're playing with fire now and don't try to extinguish me. Meet me on the football field at 10 p.m."

Oh no, Trent thought, what now?

It was cold in the night; at least Trent thought so. As he waited, Duncan grabbed him by the hips and picked him up.

" Whoa, wait! What are ya doing?!"

" Boy, you just dissed a bad boy. Now it's time to pay the price."

They headed to the dumpster and..... BAM!! Duncan threw Trent in the dumpster! While Trent pulled a banana peel out of his hair, Duncan laughed,

" That'll teach you to mess with me, Strings. See you tomorrow."

Then he walked of, laughing as usual.

  • confessional scenes (in the janitor's closet with a bucket flipped upside-down for a seat)

Trent: I can't believe out of all the vile and cruel things he'd do, he had to throw me in a dumpster. Ugh, and most of it got in my hair! I mean, I'm like Samson when it comes to hair. If Duncan ruins it, it takes my mainly powers.

Duncan: Ha ha ha!!! Did you see that?! He was all, " Wait! Wait! Spare me! Mercy, please!" Ha ha!!! And I was all, " Time to pay the price!" Oh boy, retaliation never felt this good!

Even though Trent was embarrassed and hurt, that didn't stop him...

Chapter 2: Calendars

" Extra! Extra! Get the new Lakeview calendars!" Trent called in the morning air.

Everyone lined up to see what kind of calendars he made. They were unique, unexpected calendars for sure; they were calendars with embarrassing and altered pics of Duncan (i.e. one with him naked in the tub and one altered one with him being overweight)! Gwen raced up to Trent and said,

" Trent, what's going on?! Did you make these?!?!"

" Mmm-hmm."

" Well, let me recite the 25th letter of the alphabet: Why?!"

" Well, let's just say he pushed me too far last night and leave it like that."

Then a huge scream filled the air. It was Duncan.


Then..... VROOM! Trent raced off before someone could say the answer.

  • confessional scenes

Gwen: Why would Trent retaliate like this? I know he can get angry sometimes, but I never thought he'd do something like this. Especially to Duncan, a guy so tough Tarantino wet his pants.

Trent: I admit, it was a cruel trick, but say if Duncan put you in a dumpster. How would you handle that?

Gwen: I hope Trent is wearing 5 jock straps underneath; he'll need 'em

In the outside hallway, Courtney was not too fond of the prank; even though she's not dating him, it was still a bad prank. She grabbed the back of Trent's shirt and said in a stern voice,

" Trent, this is serious. What you did to Duncan is gonna bite you in the butt like Karma."

" Well, what about what he did to me?"

" I don't wanna know anything about that, but two wrongs don't make a right."

" Well, 4 wrongs make it right. Even if he gets me back, I'll get him back too. That's how our game work."

Well, it did work.

Chapter 3: Over the Years

Throughout the years, Duncan and Trent's "Karma game" continued throughout the school years with the usual: calling each other names, pulling harsh pranks on each other, used different ways of torture, "borrowed" and even broke each other's stuff, and spread rumors and gossip about each other. Now, it's Senior Year and there's 3 months of school left. Even though everyone's celebrating, tensions start to heat up between the bickering boys.

Trent walked down the hallway, using his cracked iPhone that Duncan "borrowed" one day. At least it still works, Trent thought, cause I can call animal control when I see Duncan again. Yet, this time, Duncan's torture plan this time was different. He was holding Gwen close to him while Trent caught a glimpse of the action.

" Wow, it feels like I never left Total Drama Action. What are you doing?"

" Oh, nothing. Nothing at all."

" He's trying to seduce me so you can become a jealous mess." Gwen sighed in disapproval.

Trent's mossy green eyes widened.

" What?! Why were you involved?!"

" Well--"

Then Duncan kissed Gwen before she could finish. Then when they quickly released, he said,

" Well, it doesn't matter why, but all we know is that we're together now, and you, well, without Gwen, your just a sissy toddler with a loose cap on his sippy cup. What do ya say to that, Strings? Huh, what's the matter? Cat got your tounge? More like cat got your lopsided brain."

Then at that moment, Trent just snapped. He took a firm hold on his English book, pulled it back and.... WAM!!! It hit Duncan right in his kisser.

" It seems like cat got your heart!" Trent yelled.

  • confessional scenes

Gwen: I cannot believe those idiots would act like that!!! Watching and experiencing all that made my Gothic Miracle bra tingle! Duncan tried to use me and Trent went all homicidal like that. It's like high school drama 24/7.

Then, Duncan got up with bruises on his face and took a good swing at Trent, but missed. Then Trent did a quick scissors kick in Duncan's gut; it was so hard, Duncan started coughing up blood. Then, while lying on the ground, he reached for his pocketknife and was about to make a slice in Trent's arms, legs, and thighs, until Courtney held him back and said,

" Two wrongs don't make a right, Duncey. Two wrongs don't make a right."

But he was able to break free and cut Trent's left arm. Trent fell unconsious cause the firm slice stung and bled continuously. Before Duncan could continue, Eva blew her whistle and said,

" Hold up, here! This fight is over! I'm the hall monitor for the 3rd year and I say get to class! Bridgette, get that guitarist to the nurse."

" Okay."

Bridgette grabbed Trent's shoulders and dragged him to the nurse.

Chapter 4: The Plan

" What are we gonna do, Courtney?" Gwen asked in a worried tone.

" I mean, you saw what happened today. If they keep this up, they're gonna ice each other."

Courtney shook her head and said,

" I don't know. This is tough even for me, and I'm planning on getting a Ph.D. Plus, I was a C.I.T. and I never planned on diagnosing the cause of this stupid conflict."

" I have the answer to that: me."

" What?"

" Duncan likes to hang with me and Trent doesn't like it."

" Don't remind me."

  • confessional scenes

Courtney: I still don't want to be reminded about Duncan cheating on me.

Gwen: FYI, Duncan didn't cheat on Courtney.

" Why don't we get 'em in the same room and sit them down and talk this out?" Courtney suggested.

Gwen didn't feel comfortable with the idea of a guitarist and a rude boy talking to each other after the pocketknife issue today, but she didn't feel like protesting against Ms. Goddy-Two-Shoes, so she agreed.

" Okay. Tomorrow, after gym, we'll get them together in the gym and get them to talking, but if this fails, I'm blaming you."

" Well, I'm use to it; use to it here and back in the C.I.T classes."

" Okay, so we're clear on the plan Gwen. We come in, try to make sure their subjugated, and then fix the prob."

" Okay."

The girls quickly locked all the doors and dimmed the lights. Duncan stood in the middle of the gym and said in a confused tone,

" What is this? NCIS?"

Courtney walked up to him and said,

" So, Duncey, you remember Trent."

Gwen pushed the injured musician toward an annoyed Duncan.

" Strings."

" Pierce-face."

" So, where were you throughout the day? Still trying to sing babies to sleep with your nursery rhymes again?"

" No, I was just unconsious throughout the day, because someone sliced my arm yesterday."

" You were unconsious for a whole day counting last night? Wow, good things can happen in high school."

" Well, it did do good for me. I was able to avoid seeing your face the whole school day. Still, I hope your parents are paper bag makers; their job could do you a lot of good."

Before they could fight more, Courtney interrupted by saying,

" Guys! Now listen, even though I'm not the caring one, you guys need to work this conflict out. Duncan, what's your deal with Trent?"

" He's a needlebrained guitarist wannabe."

" At least I still have a direction in life."

" Since when did you learn where Gwen lives?"

Then they started arguing, but before they could get to the worst (again), Gwen blew into her vuvuzela.

" Thanks, Gwen. Now, Trent, what's your deal with Duncey?"

" Oh gosh, where to begin. He's an ugly, rude, no-good, heartless, bold, stuble-faced, punk-haired, skull-shirted----"

" Okay, we get the point. You hate everything about him, but do you think this is the real Duncan?"

" Yes, this is the real me! I've always been a bad boy, always will."

Trent shook his head and muttered,

" That's not what your real mom said before."

Then, Duncan's face turned deep purple and he threw a punch at Trent.

" Never ever EVER talk about that!!! EVER!!!!!"

The rude boy stormed off, while walking on the injured teen.

  • confessional scenes

Courtney: What was it? Weird Al's mv for Weasel Stomping Day? With Trent, it makes perfect sense.

Gwen: Like I said, I blame Courtney.

Trent: So, I brought up Duncan's mom. Why should he get defensive about it?

Duncan: Look, I got angry cause Trent's tryin' to front me up. You'd get angry to if he tried to embarrass you in front of hot girls

" Good plan, Ms. C.I.T. Now they absoulutely loathe each other." Gwen snapped.

" Shut up, Gwen. How was I suppose to know kindness would work with two blubbering imbeciles? Kindness doesn't get you anywhere."

" Wow, that works out well for you."

" Hush it, and listen. Now that plan A failed, now to work on plan B: put them in the same dorm."

Gwen almost choked on her Snickers bar.

" What?! They'll kill each other if they lived in the same room."

" Well, if they got to know each other more, maybe they'd get close."

Gwen thought it over and since there was no use in debating till she's midnight blue, she sighed,

" Fine, but it's your fault if Duncan murders Trent before graduation."

  • confessional scenes

Courtney: I know the first plan sucked, but I'm positive this next plan will work like the Wii.

Gwen: I have high doubt that this'll work.

Chapter 5: Roomates

" Where are you taking me again, Courtney?" Duncan asked.

Courtney grinned a suspicious grin and cooed,

" Oh, just a more luxurious dorm. Hehehe, now get your butt in there."

With a shove, Duncan scoped his new dorm and suprisingly found a shirtless Trent strumming on his guitar. Duncan was about to scream, but Courtney's hand blocked the attempt and said,

" Yes, Trent's in your room. That's the point. You two are sharing a room now."

Then they glanced at each other and said,

" WHAT?!"

" I know this the worst thing since segregation, but this is for your own good." Gwen informed.

Trent and Duncan looked at each other again and once again said,

" WHAT?!"

" Have fun."

Then the girls disappeared down the hallway.

  • confessional scenes

Duncan: Me and Strings in the same room?! That is wrong on a very high level.

Trent: Oh, great. Just what I need to end Senior Year: living in one room with a tattooed pierce-faced bloodhound. I better get a hospital app for my iPhone cause I'll need it.

Trent looked out the fogged-up window and sighed,

" Okay, look Dunc, if we're gonna live together, we're gonna have to try to get along."

" Yeah, your probably right, Strings. If we try to kill each other before graduation, they'll be breathin' down our necks non-stop."

" Yeah. So, fake truce?"

Instead of a handshake, Duncan punched the shirtless guy's shoulder and said,

" Fake truce."

  • confessional scenes

Trent: This'll be harder than I thought.

The two guys walked through the halls, laughing and smiling.

" You really did that? Looks like the musician has a darker side than I thought."

" Well, I'm thankfully not an Ozzy Osbourne, but I can push it a little. See ya later, Dunc."

" Later, Strings."

Then Courtney pulled Duncan toward her for a moment to talk.

" Hey, Courts."

" Don't 'Hey, Courts' me! You think I was born yesterday? You and Trent were clearly faking."

" No we weren't."

" Yes you were."

" No we weren't."

" Okay, if you guys are friends, why do you still call him Strings?"

" It's like a nickname now, not an insult."

" Okay, what's his fav song?"

" She will Be Loved by Maroon5."

" Fav color?"

" Mossy green."

" Inspiration for singing?"

" Uhhh...."

" It was Rascal Flatts cause of their touching country songs."

" So what? We're still friends. Quit bagging me for the truth."

" Tell me now!"

" No!"

Then he shoved her against the lockers and stormed off.

  • confessional scenes

Bridgette: I saw the whole thing. I never knew Duncan could act like that to Courtney. This is so not like him.

Courtney: I am so suing Duncan for that... if my stinkin' lawyers will respond!!

Gwen: Yeahhh, the plan is not working so far.

Gwen picked Courtney up and said,

" Sorry, Courts, but---"

" I know, this plan isn't working."

" No. Well that, and I think Duncan is finally losing it. I think we should just split them up if their 'hanging out' is gonna lead to all this violence."

Then, Courtney raised her hand and said,

" No! I am NOT aborting this mission. I'm super pimp, I'm a C.I.T., I'm perfect, and I say let this continue."

Gwen rolled her eyes and said,

" Okay. See you in chemistry."

  • confessional scenes

Gwen: Yup, this plan's gonna suck.

Chapter 6: Childhood Memories

Trent came into the dorm room and noticed Duncan weeping a little. He put his hand on Duncan's shoulder and said,

" I heard about what happened between you and Courtney. What got into you?"

" None of your monkey buisness, Strings."

" Duncan, this is not natural of you to assalt your crush like that."

" So? It happens. That's life. Whatever!"

" I think something's bothering you."

" I think you should shut up."

" Duncan, I know we hate each other, but at least trust me. You can tell me what's bothering you and I swear I won't laugh."

Duncan sighed and said,

" Okay, I'll tell you, but tell anyone else and I'll kill you."

" Okay." Trent said, smiling.

  • confessional scenes

Trent: Wow! That actually worked. He didn't punch me. I gotta accept that.

Duncan dimmed the lights and turned to Trent.

" Okay, the reason that I'm so moody and upset today is because..... today is the 14 year anniversary of the day my real mom died. She was very close to me and I really loved her; we shared everything from thoughts to secrets. But when she left to go to Osaka, she died in a plane crash. I was only 4 yrs. old. Even though I got extremely upset and sad, my dad got over it quickly and got married months later to my step-mom. I was so upset and shattered inside about my mother passing that----"

" That you became a bad boy."

" Yes."

" So that was why you got offended when I mentioned her in gym. Oh Duncan, I understand that you miss your mother, but causing trouble won't bring her back. You just need to be the real you, and we have to get the real Duncan back. And I promise to help you."

Trent wiped away the cold tears and smiled at Duncan, who smiled back.

Trent poured anti-hairdye on Duncan's mohawk and combed his hair to a regular "mop-top" hairstyle (while getting rid of the green).

" Now, off with the skull-shirt."

Duncan threw his skull-shirt into the hammper and buttoned up and rolled up the sleeves on the shirt he was wearing now.

" Now for facial features."

Trent said while taking off all of the "bad boy's" piecrings and collar. Then he grabbed a pair of tweezers and plucked off the hair on Duncan's unibrow. Lastly, he grabbed a razor and shaved off the "bad boy's" beard. Now with the makeover complete, Trent covered his eyes and said,

" And now for the reveal."

Then he uncovered his eyes and saw Duncan, a more humble and kind guy.

Trent stared for a moment and said,

" Wow. I mean, you looked kinda okay, but now..... you look amazing."

Duncan blushed and said,

" No. I can't look like this."

" Well, this is the real you, right? Kind. Humble. Who wouldn't want to see that? I know I would and so would my friends."

Duncan shot a toothy, half-smile grin and said,

" Thanks."

  • confessional scenes

Trent: I never knew this would happen. Duncan and I became friends. I hope I'm not dreaming, but if I am.. I like this dream.

Duncan: Now that I think of it, Strings isn't so bad. He's actually cool.

Duncan sat next to Trent and brought two lunches to the table.

" Oh, thanks. So Duncan, what was your mom like back then?"

" She was nice, kind, never put herself above others. She even once gave me this crystal necklace and whenever I was near someone I loved, the crystal started glowing, but when they're away, the glow lessens. In fact, when my mom died, the crystal light died out."

" How precious. You must've had a lot of good times with her."

" Yeah. On her deathbed, she gave me the other crystal necklace and told me to give it to the person I really love. If it's selfish love or romantic love, I just give it to someone I love."

" So, is the necklace your wearing right now your crystal necklace?"

" Yes."

" Well, it's glowing."

Duncan looked at his necklace, then at Trent, and said,

" I think I know why."

Chapter 7: Worked Too Well?

Throughout the last two months, Duncan and Trent have been together a lot. They usually skateboard, Duncan shows Trent his art and sculptures, they write songs together, and even study and hang out in their dorm. While they were having fun, Gwen and Courtney were wondering if their plan worked too well.

" Courtney, I know it's good that your plan is working, but I think it's working too well."

" How?"

" Well, it's just that I don't want this friendship to become a bromance."

" Oh, come on Gwen, isn't it better than seeing them trying to slice each other's arms and legs?"

" I know, but everywhere they go, Duncan and Trent are always looking at each other when they're in a moment."

" So? I use to look at Duncey like that before I dated him."

" Courtney, I think I should talk to him."

  • confessional scenes

Courtney: That Gwen! Why do I even bother hanging out with her?

Gwen: I know this is against my nature to be worried about a plan working, but I don't want what happened between Noah and Cody to happen with Duncan and Trent. I don't want people to tease them.

" Hey, Trent? Can I talk to you for a moment?" Gwen asked.

Trent set his guitar down and said,

" Sure, Gwen."

" Umm, do you like hanging out with Duncan?"

" Yes."

" Do you like him a whole lot?"

" Yeah. He's my best friend."

" Well, are you and Duncan.... more than friends?"

" What? Why would you ask that? We're just friends."

" I know, but you have been speanding a lot of time with Duncan. I just hope you don't develope a man-crush."

When the Goth girl walked off, Trent yelled,

" I do not have a man-crush!"

  • confesisonal scenes

Gwen: Okay, maybe I came off a little pushy, but I still really like Trent and I want what's best fo him.

Trent: A "man-crush"? I'm just friends with Duncan. So he's kind and caring. That doesn't imply that I have a crush on him. Right?

Chapter 8: Psycho

Now Duncan and Trent have only one month of school left and that meant they had to make their last month together the best. Duncan texted Trent telling him to meet him back on the football field like before; except with a totally different purpose. Trent stood under the hot spotlights on the field. Duncan walked across the wet ground and showed Trent a blue T-shirt with a guitar in the center.

" Oh, Duncan, this is cool!"

" Aww, shucks. I just used regular blue tie-dye and ink printing on the shirt. No big deal."

" Actually, it's a big deal. You showed that you are a nice guy and now you proved that you are a nice guy. Thanks."

" Welcome, Strings."

At that moment, Trent grasped Duncan's cold, shivering hand and said,

" Duncan, I've had mixed feelings about you, but now whenever I see you, instead of seeing despair and pain in you, I see truth and hope. And now I must say, I---"

Then a shrill scream filled the air.

" Come on! Let's see what happened."

Duncan raced off with Trent and came to the art room -- that had their lazy teacher Mr. Haiku on the floor with a dagger in his chest...

" What happened here?"

Beth looked down at the ground and said,

" I don't know. All I saw was that Mr. Haiku was drinking his midnight coffee and a figure creeped up and murdered him."

Trent squated to the ground and noticed something familiar.... a sharp piece of a hook.

" Duncan, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

" Yeah, the phsyco killer was here!"

Beth gasped and said,

" You mean the escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook?"

" Good guess."

Trent saw a trail of blood and followed it downstairs.

" I'll be right back."

" Wait, I'm going with you."

" Duncan, I think I should do this alone."

" But you saw the evidence. You could get murdered."

" If so, then I have to tell you something. I think I lo---"

Then the sound of a chainsaw entered the hallway.

" But Strings, I don't want you to leave me permanetely."

" Why?"

" Because..... I really---"

Then the killer howled, grabbed a pistol, and shot Duncan's leg.

" Duncan! Oh no!"

But before Trent could heal the injured boy, the killer knocked him unconsious and took him to his lair.

  • confessional scenes

Beth: Omigosh, that was scary! Seeing Duncan getting shot and the killer kidnapping Trent. How worse could it get?

Duncan woke up in the nurse's office and one question popped in his head,

" Where's Strings???"

Courtney put a wet towel on the boy's leg and said,

" Shush-shush-shush. You need to relax."

" Courtney, I can't relax. That psycho killer could be gagging my best friend right now! I gotta find him!"

Before Duncan could reach the gilded doorknob, Courtney held him back.

" Duncey, I think the possibility of you finding Trent alive is as low as the economy."

Duncan got out of her firm grip and said,

" Well, I don't care how hopeless it may seem, I have to save him."

" But why?"

" Cause I love that guy!"

At that moment, the shocked bossgirl was speechless.

" Could you repeat that?"

" I know it's a shock, but I love him a lot. He's my best friend. He's the one who taught me discipline and compassion. He's the one you taught me who I really am. This is just something I must do."

Then he raced out the door without another word.

  • confessional scenes

Courtney: I never knew Duncan could be this serious and stern. He could be able to express his true emotions and still keep a poker face.... Not that I care.

Duncan: I don't care who thinks my friendship with Strings is wrong, I care about him and would do anything for him.

Chapter 9: The Search is On

Duncan kept following the blood trail to an abandonded mansion --- the killer's lair. Duncan took a deep breath and entered. He traveled up the stairs and then a squeak, a creak, a groan, and.... CRACK! Duncan fell through the stairs and then the staricase collapsed on him. Using all of his might, Duncan crawlled through the tunnel of splinters. Then, he finally made it through. Now another problem arose: how was he gonna get upstairs? Then he found a way: he decided to climb up a rope.

  • confessional scenes

Duncan: Okay, so traveling upstairs was hard, but when I was bad back then, I faced bigger obstacles so ya know what? Bring it on.

Trent woke up, barely consious, and felt restrained. He looked down and realized he was tied to a chair. Then the killer walked up in front of him and cackled in a sickening tone,

" Well, well, well, someone's tied in a knot."

" Why are you doing this?"

" Boy, this is just what I do. I go around, kill a few people, get arrested once or twice, and get the puplicity. And once I murder you, I'll be the most famous serial killer ever; I'll be better and bigger than Pied Piper."

" But why choose me as a victim?"

" Umm, hello, you were on Total Drama, the most popular reality show on TV. If I kill you, the more famous I'll get."

The killer grabbed the chair Trent was tied to and took him to the garage (a.k.a. his torture room.). Then, he untied the rope and instead tied Trent to a table. Then, he grabbed a chainsaw, laughing maniacally.

  • confessional scenes

Trent: Hey, you'd be scared to if this killer was about to slice you into "scared sushi".

Duncan's climb on the rope was getting weaker and weaker by the moment, but when he heard the chainsaw, he realized he was going the wrong way. Since climbing will take too long, he just instatnly let go of the rope and fell into the garage. Before the killer could make even a teeny cut, Duncan fell on top of them.

" Duncan?"

" Strings."

Quickly, he untied Trent and they embraced.

" You saved me."

Before Duncan could respond, the killer got up, laughed, and said,

" Great! Now I have two victims for the price of one."

Chapter 10: Love and Death

They were cornered; face-to-face with a phsyco killer. While the killer reached for his blade, Duncan said,

" If we don't survive, I just want you to know, I lo----", but before he could finish, a butcher's knife was headed toward him. He felt dead, but Trent pulled him outta the way. The killer grunted and grabbed a simple pocketknife and chased after the boys throughout the torture room. While running, something tripped the killer -- Courtney's leg. Duncan smiled.

" Courtney. What changed your mind?"

" Well, you seem to really care about Trent and I couldn't let you do it alone. Plus, I got Bridgette, Gwen, and Eva for back up."

Before they could embrace, the killer howled again and was about to cut Duncan's arms, legs, and thighs. He was about to kill him, but Trent quickly pushed Duncan out of the way and the poor guitarist was the victim instead.

  • confessional scenes

Gwen: Wow! Trent actually risked his life for Duncan?! Now that's something I never thought I'd see.

" Strings! NO!" Duncan cried.

He tried to save him, but the killer threw him through a window, leading him to fall to the ground in the dungeon. Courtney scowled at the killer and she and her friends jumped on the killer and started beating him to death. While doing that, Duncan got up off the stone-cold floor and climbed up the wall back up to the torture room. When he arrived, the killer was brusied and dead. Even though it was a good thing that the killer is gone, Duncan quickly rushed up to Trent's bloody weak body. He shed a wet tear that landed on Trent's forehead.

" Ooohhh.... Duncan?"

" Strings?"

" Duncan, things aren't looking too good for me. I might be......... dying."

Duncan gasped and laid his head on Trent's.

" Dying? I don't want to lose you. If I do, I'll be shattered inside all over again."

" Well... we all... have... to pay... the price... sometime."

" But don't pay the price now. I love you, Trent."

Trent smiled in satisfaction.

" I don't know if it's a selfish love or romantic love, it's just love."

" I love you too, Duncan."

" Trent, if this is it, I promise I'll never forget you."

" I... won't... forget... you... either."

Then Trent gradually closed his eyes and laid on the floor....... Dead. Along with that, the glow in Duncan's crystal necklace faded out.

Duncan broke down in tears and kept holding Trent's hand. His best friend for life is dead. How could he lose him to a horrible man? Life is very unfair and cruel. Bridgette bent down by Duncan and said,

" Duncan, we have to leave. Tomorrow is graduation."

" I can't leave. I lost the one thing that brightened my life."

" Duncan, I know how much Trent meant to you and I know how much you love him, but you have to let it go. You need to turn the page in life."

" It's so hard to since this page has your best friend in it."

Bridgette smiled and said,

" Come on. Let's go home."

Chapter 11: Graduation

" And now our graduating seniors will now become collage freshmen." Mrs. Larvae said in a proud voice.

One by one, the students lined up to get there diplomas and left outside. Duncan sat on the curb and weeped a little over Trent's unfair passing. He felt like life was over, but then, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and there, standing behind him, was the real live Trent.

Duncan smiled and wrapped his arms around Trent in a sloppy hug.

" Trent! You're alive! I thought I lost you."

" Well, you almost did, but once again, love is more powerful than death. By the way, your mom says hi."

Then the minute Mrs. Larvae said,

" Now our high school students are offically collage freshmen.", everyone threw their hats in the air.

" Party at my house!" Geoff called and everyone celebrated.

Duncan stood on the balcony, starring at the sky. While doing that, Trent stood beside him, wearing the shirt Duncan made him.

" Hey, Duncan."

" Hey, Trent. So, I guess this is our final night together. So, let's make it magical. Here."

He gave Trent a crystal necklace that's very alike to his own. Trent gasped and said,

" Your giving your mother's necklace to me?"

" Yes. Trent, I love you a lot. Whenever your not around, the light fades more and more. Your the most closest and best friend I ever had and if we never see each other again, I want you to have something to remember me by."

" Duncan, this is really sweet. I don't know what else to say, except... I love you, too."

Then they happily embraced while sheding a few tears. Gwen and Courtney looked at the 2 good friends and high-fived. Their plan worked!

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