Scott, labeled The Passionate Musician, is a contestant on Total Drama Showdown.

Gender Male
Chapter Eliminated "TBA"
Position TBA
Relationship TBA
Alliances TBA
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Origin Bridgette_dj10


Scott, having lost his father at a young age, is very passionate about everything he does and everyone he meets. He loves life, because he personally witnessed how it could be taken away in a second. Despite his love for life and limitless passion, he has trouble getting too close to those he hasn't met yet, in fear of losing them like he lost his father. He generally tries to escape those fears through music. He sings, plays guitar, plays the piano, and plays various other instruments. He joined Total Drama Showdown to enrich the lives of others with the gifts he has.

Total Drama Showdown



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