SaveMeBarry Presents Total Drama Couples

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1. Alejandro & Heather: Team Devil

2. Bridgette & Geoff: Team Ocean

3. Lindsay & Tyler: Team Sports & Shopping

4. Harold & Leshawna:Team Brain Punch

5. Katie & Sadie: Team BFF

6. Eva & Noah: Team REVENGE

7. DJ & His Momma: Team Momma

8. Gwen & Duncan: Team Gothic-Punks

9. Izzy & Owen: Battle Crazies

10. Courtney & Trent: Team Rebound

11. Beth & Brady: Team Friendship

12. Sierra & Cody: Team Cody

13. Ezekiel & Justin: Team Beauty School

14. Blaineley & Josh: Team Drama

15. Mr & Mrs Coconut: Team Coconut

16. Billy (The Intern) and Leshaniqua!: Team Little Crazies


  • Jungle In Africa (native Tribe, that takes the losers away into the Jungle)

Plot in Development

Episode 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Chris Standing surrounded by Trees

Chris: Welcome To The Most Dramatic Season of Total Drama Ever, Total Drama Couples. 32 Contestants, 3 Months, in a secluded part of An African Jungle. But our Campers are Not Alone, because in this jungle there is a native tribe never before documented by anyone else in the world ever. Who Will Win the Million Dollars? Find Out right Now On Total Drama Couples!

Theme Song Plays

Chris is Standing at the Airport where the Total Drama plane lands.

Chris: This year We have brought back all your favourites.

Chris: Alejandro & Heather, Team Devil.

Alejandro and Heather walk of the Plane.

Alejandro: Thanks Amigo, for that great name and my wonderful partner.

Heather: Yer Whatever.

Chris: So Al, How did you get out of the Drama Machine?

Alejandro: After my Burns Healed, My Brother, Jose was able to get me out, and man me up for the new Season.

Chris: Dude that Robot was A Thousand Bucks

Alejandro: Come On Heather, lets hurry, Lover.

Heather: I Don't Love You You, I Love I Mean Hate You, I hate You, Your just lucky to have Me on Your Team. Al

Alejandro: Your Just Lucky The Flaming Boulder didn't kill you.

Heather Storms Off

Alejandro: Wait, Heather, Wait it was a Joke.

Alejandro Runs After her

Chris: Bridgette and Geoff, Team Ocean

Geoff and Bridgette Walk Towards Chris

Geoff: Sup man?

Chris: Nothing, much what about you bridgette ready for another season?

Bridgette: As Long As I Can Spend it with Geoff.

Geoff: Thanks Babe, Wanna makeout?

Bridgette: Yes SO MUCH, but remember in second season we were voted out for that.

Geoff: ''But ''Bridge?

Bridgette: Geoff, Kissing Isn't good for us in the game.

Geoff: Just don't Go kissing any Poles.

Bridgette: Bruno, can you come here Please

Geoff: Bridge, Bridge! I'm sorry babe, i just can't last without kissing my Beautiful Bridgette

Bridgette: Oh Babe, Don't Worry I Donated Bruno to the Zoo, Um i guess we could make out just once.

Walk Away making Out

Chris: Harold & Leshawna:Team Brain Punch

Harold & Leshawna Walk towards Chris

LeShawna: I can believe i have to do another season of this show, at least i'm with my ginger ninja.

Harold: Come on LeGoddess, we have a Million Dollars to win

Walk Away.

Chris: Katie & Sadie: Team BFF


Chris: Can You Shut Up?

Sadie Starts Crying

Chris: Ok, Ok I'm sorry, are you excited to compete again?

Katie: Oh My Gosh Chris, We are so excited.

Chris: Ok Girls we have only Half an Hour for an episode so get moving, PLEASE.

Walks away

Chris: Eva & Noah: Team REVENGE

Noah: Um Chris, can I have a different Team mate, No offence but Eva is alittle bit crazy.

Eva: Let's hear you say that when i rip off you Mouth.

Eva Chases Noah to the other Contestants.

Chris: DJ & His Momma: Team Momma

Momma: DJ thanks the Nice Man, for inviting us for this season.

DJ: Thanks Chr-

Momma: Don't Interrupt me, You may say it now DJ.

DJ: Thank you for inviting us this season, Chris, and Also letting Me stay with my Momma.

They Walk to Other Contestants

Chris: Gwen & Duncan: Team Gothic-Punks

Duncan: Why did you drag me in for yet another Season.

Gwen: Ohh Come On Don't you want to split the million bucks?

Duncan: Well A Million Bucks Would Be Sweet, but Come on A Jungle, A Freakin Jungle.

Gwen: Yer why are we in in the Jungle Chris? 'Chris: 'Budget,Besides it was here or Total Drama Underground, and this seemed better.

Gwen and Duncan Walk off.

Chris: Izzy & Owen: Battle Crazies

Owen: WOOOOOOOOOO!, Chris my Man Another Season and With my Izzy.

Izzy: Ohhh Thanks Big O, Oh a Jungle sweet, When i was twelve i got lost in a Jungle and lived with monkeys for two years, I Never learnt how to speak Monkey, OOO, OOO, EEE

Chris: Yer, Sure Whatever...

Monkey Comes flying From the Trees and Lands on Chris, Izzy and Owen back away slowly

Chris: Not my Hair, Ahhh CHEF get it off Chef

Water Flies at the Monkey, and Monkey is sent screaming into the Jungle

Chris: Lindsay & Tyler: Team Sports & Shopping

Tyler walks out with Lindsay on his Shoulders

Lindsay: Hi, Chris, Thanks for Teaming me up with Tyler, Now where is he?

Tyler: Lindsay, It's Me.

Lindsay: I Know Silly, I was Joking, Um Tyler could You do me a favour?

Tyler: Yer Babe What?

Lindsay: Can You Grab my Bags?

Tyler: Um Sure, one Minute

Lindsay slides off his shoulders, and runs into the plane, and walks out with 20 bags held only by his fingers. He walks half the way to Lindsay and Drops a Bag and doesn't Notice.

Lindsay: Tyler you dropped one

Tyler picks it up

(In Background)

Owen: Can You Really speak to monkeys?


(In Foreground)

Tyler Drops Lindsay's Bag

Tyler: Chris, Hi-Five

Chris: Um Dude

Chris Points behind Tyler, and Tyler Turns Around to see a Gorilla

Tyler: Ohh Crap

Izzy: I Guess that was Gorilla

Tyler is punched by the Gorilla and hits the ground

Lindsay: Tyler!

Lindsay drags Tyler away


Script in Development:


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