Savannah (Bionicheatherfan280)
Killer Bass
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "S:TDE: TBA"
Relationship Justin (attraction)
Family Mom, Dad, little brother, Tina (step sister)
Friends TBA
Enemies Lindsay
Fear imperfection, pain, losing her hair
Talent fake crying, Lying rodeo

Savannah labeled as the Corrupt Country Drama Queen


Savannah is very dramatic doesn't like people touching her or getting in her way, she will have a problem with people like that. She hates ugly things, like, rats, and worms. if not being the pretty one in the room, she will gain a big tantrum over it! She wants to be perfect and nothing else. She loves her family allot except for her little brother, he annoys the crap out of her! She hates when people touch her hair, he hair is her most price position. her family is very rich from her mother and father buying a house with oil under there house, so the government pays savannahs family to dig under their property. She would not want to hear anyone telling her she needs a job, anything that involves work she HATES! unless it involves a large cash prize. she just wants to relax and have fun. she absolutely hates the the forest! Savannah: its dirty and filled with disgusting animals She doesn't get along with some people due to her attitude, she also hates long conversations. Other than that she comes from a farm, she hates the farm because its filled with filthy animals. the only thing she likes there is her unbeatable horse, Megan! she baths Megan everyday so she wont get dirty, and rides on the horse everyday! she accessorize Megan with pretty things to put on her so her like an expensive saddle. She enjoys country music and playing on her guitar. this makes Savannah very hard to get along with, if you don't like what she likes. she wont like to you. but she can make some friends, just not that many!

Savannahs Total Drama Experience

Starting to write the story...


  • Savannah has a little country accent


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