Melancholy Memories
Team Courtney
Melancholy Memories (II)
Fearless Flashbacks
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Mergers vs. Aliens"
Place 11th
Friends Cara, Elliot, Connor, Petal
Enemies Lucks
Fear Failing
Talent Math

Savanna, labeled The Smart Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Flashback.


Savanna's always been smart. Also a great thinker, but she's always been smart. Her IQ is just under that of a genius. She's also made a lot of friends, and she gets in well with everyone. She also thinks too hard sometimes, where thinking outside the box is an understatement. She does make good grades, and her parents reward her (hence her dress and her heels). She grew up in a small town where her parents had a high position in the county. Savanna's had many a boyfriend through her life, but she is often seen as a stickler and is left lonely. This doesn't bother her, though, because she has her friends. She auditioned for TDF because it was "way out of her comfort zone."

She said she'd use the money to afford college.


  • Savanna is an edit of Lindsay.
  • Savanna is based on one of the author's friends.
  • Savanna was the second jury member.

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