Sammie, labeled The Psychopath was a player in Total Drama Insanity.

Shouting Spiders
Gender Female
Hair color Blue
Episode Eliminated "Let's see how much you suck!"
Place 19
Friends Maya, Eva, Julie
Enemies Noah, Halle
Talent Speed-eating ravioli


Sammie was always quite the wacko. While she's very friendly, Sammie doesn't seem to know the meaning of "personal space", and loves to hang around, or on, her friends, much to their displeasure. Sammie's hair is blue because of an incident when she was born. She was dropped into a bucket of blue paint, that somehow made her hair blue from then on. Sammy is usually happy to the point of it being creepy, which is why many people avoid her at all costs. She joined TDIn to make friends.

Time on TDIn

Sammy made fast friends with Maya, and later, Eva when she got on the bus. She was put on the Shouting Spiders team and assigned a room with Maya. In One kick for the team, she played defense for the second half and cheered when her team won. She did not participate in the relay race in Batons, Schemes, a Hot Tub, and Ice Cream, and received an ice cream sandwich. She voted for Noah. She helped out Spense, Tyler, Maya and DJ in Both reached for the flag by freeing them from "jail" when they got caught. It was revealed in Let's see how much you suck! that she can speed-eat five adult portions of Ravioli in fifteen seconds. She was not picked for the talent show. After auditions, she followed Maya around and hung onto her, not leaving when Maya told her to beat it. That night, Halle convinced Amy, Katie, DJ, Noah, and Maya to vote her off. Sammie voted for Halle, but was eliminated.


  • Sammie received six votes throughout the show. (6 in Let's see how much you suck!)
  • Sammie was the first female player voted off who was NOT a veteran, and the first female Shouting Spider voted off.

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