Team Wondering Rabbits

Samey is an original TDPI contestant labeled "The Good Twin". She makes a short appearence in Total Drama Season of Stars as a part of the team Wondering Rabbits.

Total Drama Season of Stars

In Like Old Days Samey makes her first appearence resting at the big ship. When Chris says that it is going to explode she starts running to the life boats along with the other 49 contestants. When she hops on the boat with a rabbit on it she along with 23 contestants has to wait for clumsy Ezekiel to stand up after slipping. When he hops on board and the boat arrives to the docks they realize that this was a challenge and they are on the losing team. At the elimination ceremony she gets a marshmellow and watches how Ezekiel is eliminated. She doesn't have lines in Dream Match but watches how the chosen contestants have to defeat their dreams. In Gaming, dodging and more when she asks Lindsay what did she do yesterday Lindsay almost says to her about Amy's alliance but Amy says that Lindsay did nothing special that day but Samey doesn't trust her. She later appears when she was hit by a ball thrown from an unknown contestant. In Painball Rabbits and Foxes Hunt she is mentioned by Amy who says to Blaineley to vote Samey out. She is later seen walking in the woods and saying to herself that she is a hunter. When she hears Amy to talk Shawn, Anne, Izzy, Topher and Noah to vote her out she hops from a boosh and shoots her which Izzy forms as a game and shoots the twins. At the end she was eliminated because of Amy, Noah, Shawn, Anne, Izzy, Topher and probably Amy's alliance.

Opening Sequence

She is seen writing her diary. A hawk grabs it and drps it on Courtney's head.

Promo Clip After Elimination

Samey: Hey, Chef? Do you know where is the button for returning?

Chef: There is no such a button!

Samey: Oooooooooooh...


  • She is the first TDPI contestants to be eliminated on TDSOS
  • She is the first contestant to be manipulated by Amy

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