Sam (Total Drama Online)

team Wondering Rabbits

Sam is an orginal TDROTI contestant labeled "the Nice Guy Gamer". He makes a short appearence in Total Drama Season of Stars as a part of the team Wondering Rabbits.

Total Drama Season Of Stars

In Like Old Days he first appears resting at the big ship. When Chris says that the ship is going to explode he starts running with the other contestants. He hops on the life - boat with a rabbit on it but waits along with the rest rabbit contestants for clumsy Ezekiel who slipped. When they arrive to the docks they realize that this is a challenge and they are on the losing team. At the elimination ceremony he recieves a marshmellow. In Dream Match he makes his only appearence in the Rabbit's boy cabin with Noah comenting about Subway Surfers. In Gaming, dodging and more he is chosen not to participate in the dodgeball challenge by Amy. When his team loses the challenge he is automaticlly eliminated. In Paintball Rabbits and Foxes Hunt he is mentioned by Noah, Shawn, Trent, Beardo and Topher. He is later metioned in Dakota's promo clip after elimination.

Opening Sequence

He is seen looking at Scott along with Bridgette.

Promo clip after elimination




  • He is the first TDROTI character to be eliminated on TDSOS

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