Sam, The OCD, was competing on Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Baritones.

Sam (TDPS)
Team Baritones
Sam (TDPS)
Gender Male
Hair color Mahogany
Episode Eliminated "Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again"
Place 15th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Sister and Brother
Friends Gennifer, Tia and Ulrich
Enemies Chris, Victoria Nina and Jessica
Fear his OCD
Talent Soccer


Sam was born Samuel on a cold winter night or at least that's what his mother remembers. Another thing she knows about her son is that he has OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. She fears her son's problem is getting worse with each passing day. She has sent her son to therapy to help him cope with his OCD but it never works since Sam continues his unusual behavior. She found an ad for Total Drama Pop Stars, knowing her son can sing, and decided to have him audition after his therapy appointment. After he made the cut she started to pack his bags for him and to get him ready for the show. Sam's sister, brother and father all wish him luck as he goes into the real world and to try to win the million.


Meet The Singers: Sam didn't do much at all after he arrived other than nodding in agreement when Gennifer said it was an honor to meet Chris, he also smiled when Tia walked up. He was also seen glaring at Victoria when she boasted about herself and being annoyed at Chris when he lied about the big prize at the end of the season. Sam was upset his team lost and when they had to vote someone out he voted for Jessica for an unknown reason.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: Sam walks out of his room and is seen rubbing his hands together with hand sanitizer. When he was questioned for it Sam states that he hates germs which annoyed Victoria to a point where she put her hands on his. Sam snapped and screamed at Victoria cause he rubbed his hands only seven times out of his usual ten. When questioned about being a germaphobe Sam revealed his OCD and asked Chris if he can leave. Generally an evil and sadistic guy Chris allows Sam to leave and tells him he's always welcome to return. Sam told Chris that his mind is made up and leaves the game for good saying that he doesn't belong on the show.


  • Sam is currently the only contestant with a mental illness
  • As his bio states Sam's mom does everything for him
  • Sam is the only contestant to withdraw from the game

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