Sadie (TD...S)
Killer Trout
Screaming Leeches
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDI...S: Face Your Fears"
Place TDI...S: 18th
Friends Bridgette, DJ, Gwen, Justin, Katie, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen
Enemies Courtney, Ezekiel
Fear Cockroaches

Sadie, labeled The Sweet Girl's BFF, was the sixteenth contestant introduced on Total Drama Island... Sorta. She was originally placed on the Killer Trout, but swapped with Bridgette so she could be on the same team as Katie. She didn't participate in Total Drama Action... Sorta, but was a commentator on the Aftermath show.


Before coming on the show, Sadie was bullied for her weight. However, her perkiness and cheerfulness helped shield her from various insults. She uses kindness to kill, and acts like a typical high school girl. Ditzy, perky and fashionable. Sadie follows the latest trends, but whatever her BFFFLTE (Best Female Friends For Like Totally Ever) Katie wears, she always copies the style. When on the show, it was revealed that has separation issues. For example, when Sadie and Katie were put on different teams, they would cry and moan until eventually, Bridgette swapped with Sadie so the girls could be on the same team. However, like perky girls at school, it's easy for her to make enemies with popular, powerful people. Getting on the bad side of Courtney, an example of a popular, powerful person, ultimately resulted in her downfall.

Total Drama Island... Sorta

Total Drama Action... Sorta


  • Sadie and Katie are the only contestants that knew each other before the show started.

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