Episode 1: Launch

+Helemoto Enters The House

+Rodderz Enters The House

+EmeAU Enters The House

+xxKarnagexx Enters The Revenge Room Not The House

+Lizz Enters The House

+xxKarnagexx Is Given The Choice Of Being The Insider Or Being Evicted

+xxKarnagexx Accepts The Mission And Becomes The Insider

Episode 2: The Insider

+xxKarnagexx Is Asked If He Would Like An Assistant Or Not

+xxKarnagexx Decides To Have An Assistant

+Nominations Begin Immediately

+Helomoto Nominates EmeAU Because He Thought EmeAU Was Acting Cool

+Lizz Nominates EmeAU Feeling He Is Trying To Have Relationships Too Soon

+Rodderz Nominates Lizz Because He Is Gay

+EmeAU Nominates Rodderz Because He Doesnt Tolerate Homosexuals

+The Houseguests Sleep Outside

Episode 3: Surprise Eviction

+Houseguests Are Informed Of Eviction

+xxKarnagexx Gets Ready To Meet His New Assistant

+EmeAU Is Evicted With 50% Of The Public Vote To Evict

+EmeAUs Eviction Is Revealed To The Viewers To Be A Fake

+xxKarnagexx Tells EmeAU He Has Become The Insiders Assistant

+Big Brother Gives The Insider And His Assistant Their First Task

Episode 4: Revenge Room Return

+The Insider And His Assistant Set Up The Christmas In July Dinner

+The Houseguests Are Informed Of The Dinner

+The Houseguests Find Out That xxKarnagexx Was In The Revenge Room The Whole Time And EmeAU Was Never Really Evicted

+Everyone Begins To Get Fed Up With Rodderz' Weird Voice

Episode 5: Eviction #1

+Houseguests Are Informed Of The Upcoming Eviction

+Viewers Are Told Of The Result

+Rodderz Is Evicted With 44.1% Of The Public Vote To Evict

+Tiffany Mendez The Host Interviews Rodderz

+Big Brother Tells xxKarnagexx Before The Eviction That He Is Going Away On Vacation And Tells xxKarnagexx Not To Tell Anyone

+Lizz Goes To The Diary Room And No One Is There

+xxKarnagexx Is Given His Next Task

Episode 6: Game On

+xxKarnagexx Tells EmeAU About Wasting All The Food In The House

+Helomoto Gets Mad At xxKarnagexx For Wasting The Food

+xxKarnagexxs Mission Is To Get One Other Houseguest To Nominate Him For Eviction And If He Succeds Any Nominations Against Him Will Not Count

+Automated Big Brother Begins Nominations

+EmeAU Nominates Helomoto Because He Was Being Grumpy

+Lizz Nominates Helomoto For Getting Mad Over xxKarnagexx Wasting Food

+xxKarnagexx Nominates EmeAU For Not Helping With Wasting The Food

+Helomoto Nominates xxKarnagexx For Wasting Food

+EmeAU And Helomoto Are Nominated For Eviction

Episode 7: Golden Key

+Big Brother Returns From Vacation

+Tiffany Mendez Enters The House For The Golden Key Contest

+Round 1 Is Throwing Axes At A Target

+Helomoto & Lizz Win Round 1 With 2 Points

+xxKarnagexx & EmeAU Tie With 0 Points

+Round 2 Is Mini Golf

+Lizz Wins Round 2 With 5 Points

+EmeAU Is Eliminated From The Golden Key Contest With Only 2 Points

+EmeAU Is Told By Big Brother He Is Needed In The Final Round

+The Final Round Is Guessing Which Coloured Ferris Wheel Car EmeAU Is In

+Lizz Wins The Golden Key Contest With 3 Points

+Lizz Wins A Set Of Gold Clothes And A New Bedroom And Bathroom Just For Her

Episode 8: Eviction #2

+Lizz Asks For A Skateboard And Is Denied

+Houseguests Are Informed Of Eviction

+Viewers Are Told Of The Result

+Helomoto Is Evicted With 57.2% Of The Public Vote To Evict

+Tiffany Mendez Interviews Helomoto

Episode 9: Housemates On Trial

+Houseguests Are Given A New Gym Which Was The Old Revenge Room

+Lizz Says Why She Should Win

+xxKarnagexx Says Why He Should Win

+EmeAU Says Why He Should Win

Episode 10: Finale

+Final Three Are Informed Of Eviction

+Viewers Are Told Of The Result

+Lizz Is Evicted With 25% Of The Public Vote To Win

+Tiffany Mendez Interviews Lizz

+EmeAU & xxKarnagexx Leave The House

+EmeAU Is Revealed The Winner With 41.3% To Win Leaving xxKarnagexx The Runner Up With 33.7% To Win

+EmeAU Wins The Whole House While xxKarnagexx Wins A Software Pack

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