Team Backbreaker
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "TDCC: TBA"

Ryann, labeled The Girl Who Looks Like a Guy, qualified for Total Drama Country Club.

Total Drama Country Club

In Livin' Luxuriously, Abraham started talking to Ryann, but she seemed a little shy. Abraham told her to perk up and slapped her on the butt, not realizing that she was a girl. Ryann pushed him to the ground and called him a pervert and he realized that she was a girl. She asked others if she looked like a guy, but no one reassured her.

In Take It to Court, Ryann was hit with a tennis ball by Caitlin, and became a member of Team Backbreaker.

In Bow and Aero, Ciaran and McKay talked in their room, wondering where Ryann was. McKay pointed out that he thought Ryann was a girl, which shocked Ciaran.

In Hole in None, Ryann was eliminated because Caitlin mistook her for a guy. She thought the guys were going to form an all-guys alliance so she voted off Ryann to weaken their alliance. Ryann revealed that she was a girl, and Caitlin realized her mistake.


  • Ryann is based off of a friend of the author
  • Her character was thought up at the last second.
  • Ryann was originally going to have short, spiky hair, but I thought I could still make her look like a guy if I drew her with long hair.
  • Ryann was given the name Ryann, because it is almost the same as the boy name, Ryan.

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