Ryan (TNI)
Team Sonic
Ryan (TNI)
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Friends Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Peach, Daisy, Vector, Yoshi
Enemies Rouge, Shadow, Espio, Dr. Eggman
Fear Real life horror
Talent Singing, sarcasm
Origin Washington, United States

Ryan is labled the Sarcastic Singer, she is a contestant on Total Nintega Island, which she is placed on Team Sonic. Ryan has had a history with her singing, good looks, and sarcasm on the season. Since she really isn't from any video game world, she is placed in her requested team, which is Team Sonic.


Ryan is a fantastic singer and has a hope to become a famous singer one day. She has also been looked upon as a very beautiful person; she has a boyfriend back in her home town name Joey. Ryan was born and raised in Seattle, Washington where she gained her incredible singing skills. Ryan is the youngest of her family of seven; she has four other siblings: Dallas (the oldest), Madison (the second oldest), and Lady (the second youngest); her sisters also have a singing talent.

After watching the total drama series, her sister Lady wanted to join. She and Lady went to the auditions that took place in Vancouver Canada. Sadly, after completing her audition, they turned her down. This made Ryan furious. Ryan stood up to Chris by yelling and insulting him. After the fireworks, Chris still decided to turn down Lady, but he asked Ryan is she wanted to join the series. Ryan was very surprised at this, she looked at Lady with a concerned expression. Lady came up and told Ryan she'd make a perfect contestant on the show. Chris was very happy with the agreement, but he said that she wouldn't be on the total drama series, she'd be on the Total Nintega series. She was very surprised and asked what the series was about; Chris told her that it was a series about video game characters that was hosted by his friend, Kent Nintega. She and Lady looked over the possibilities, and then finally agreed. Afterwards she was sent to Ontario where she still continues to push on in the final 10.


Total Nintega Island


  • Ryan has almost the same singing voice as Ariana Grande.
  • Ryan is a made up character that I wanted to have join the Total Nintega series.


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