No Team
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "The Key To The Heart Is Impossible To Find"
Place 4th
Relationship Skylar
Family Mother, Father, Older Brother, Younger Brother
Friends Skylar, Sofie, Brick, Matthew, Dawn
Enemies None
Fear Reputation loss, Dying
Talent Singing, art, basketball, volleyball, algebra

Russell, labeled The Cheesy Critic, is a contestant on Total Drama: Live Action.


Russell was born in Kentucky, but at the age of 3, moved with his family to Sydney, Australia. He was well known at school, but was sometimes bullied by others.

Russell first heard of Total Drama when he watched Total Drama: All Stars, and then watched the whole series, and all the seasons. He auditioned for Total Drama: Live Action, and got the part.

Audition Tape

Coming Soon


  • He is new to Total Drama.
  • He is owned by RussellSayz.

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