Mr. McLean's Penguins
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "Shriek"
Place 4th
Relationship Girlfriend at home, Lily
Family Mother, Father
Friends Luc(possibly)
Enemies Meagan, Foxface, Keetin, Lily, Zari Arbinian
Fear Tests
Talent Football

Rufus, labeled The Womanizer, is a contestant on Total Drama Antarctica. Rufus has always used his talent in football to his advantage. He easily outshines the others on his team, and is known all over his school. Many girls dream of dating Rufus, but he only agrees to see the most attractive, hardest to get ones. Often seeing dating as simply a game, he dates two girls at a time, breaking their hearts when the other finds out. Many girls now hate him for this, yet they cannot convince their friends to stay away from him. Rufus often treats his girlfriends as lesser beings, pushing them around. Rufus's current girlfriend encouraged him to sign up for Total Drama Antarctica to "earn some cash," but, in reality, she only wanted a break from his demanding self.

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