Killer Knights
Black Aces
Nifty Nostalgia
Team Courtney
Nifty Nostalgia (II)
Fearless Flashbacks
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated TDK: Talent Wars
TDK: The Very Last Episode, Sort Of!
TDF: Hawaiian Lunch
Place TDK: 7/9 and 2/9
TDF: 9th
Relationship Marshall
Friends Marshall, Kenny
Enemies Terrence, Jessie (speculated), Kelly
Fear Being sued
Talent Writing, medieval knowledge, fashion

Ruby, labeled the Flavorful Dresser, is a contestant on Total Drama Kingdom, where she placed 7th, returned, and was the runner-up. Ruby was voted to return for Total Drama Kingdom's sequel season, Total Drama Flashback. She placed 9th.


Ruby is reading a book. "Hi, I'm Ruby. I know ALL about medieval times and stuff. Well, and I need the money to buy new clothes! So choose me for Total Drama Kingdom!"


Ruby has always been interested in fashion. Her family is rich, and she got designer baby clothes. She always seemed to mix random colors together in an outfit. By six, she had made 3 professional outfits discovered by talent scouts in the area. When she got into middle school, everyone wanted fashion advice from her. However, she spent so much time getting caught up in fashion, she failed her medieval knowledge course. She took multiple summer school classes and tutoring sessions on medieval knowledge. She eventually became the best in her class at that, and in English and Drama classes. She became a phenomenal young writer and playwright while still keeping up with fashion.

Ruby thought she had a good shot at Total Drama Kingdom because she knew a lot about medieval times. She signed up for the money to buy new outfits.


  • Ruby is an edit of Courtney.
  • Ruby was the runner up of Total Drama Kingdom.
  • The author, somehow influenced by Ruby being an edit of Courtney, made Ruby act like Courtney at times.
  • Ruby was the second captain of her team on Total Drama Flashback.
  • In Total Drama Flashback, she was the fourth juror.

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