Nifty Nostalgia
Team Courtney
Gender Male
Hair color Dyed Dark Blue
Episode Eliminated "Around the World in 30 Minutes"
Place 16th
Family Parents
Friends Blue
Fear Plane crashes
Talent Knowing about different countries

Roy, labeled The Traveler, is a contestant on Total Drama Flashback.


Roy has traveled all over the world. He visits exotic places, like the amazon, the Panama canal, and even Mt. Everest. His family is rich. His favorite class is Geography because he learns about cool places to visit. However, he always travels by plane and has developed a fear of plane crashes.

He joined Total Drama Flashback to be able to get to Micronesia.


  • Roy is an edit of Noah.
  • Roy was the winner of Total Drama Flashback in one of the many drafts the story went through.

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