Rosalinda, labeled as The Hypnotist, was a contestant on Total Drama Losers.

Globetrotting Fans
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated TDL - "I will prevail!"
Place TDL - Twenty-First
Relationship Salvatore (Unrequited)
Family Mother, father, brother, sister
Friends TBA
Enemies "Sarge", Gretel
Fear TBA
Talent Hypnotizing

Chapter Guide

Total Drama Losers

Chapter One - When Rosalinda arrives, she tells everyone that she is a hypnotist. "Sarge" mocked her. She is put on the Globetrotting Fans team. She jumps out of the helicopter during the challenge.

Chapter Two - The Globetrotting Fans win the second challenge.

Chapter Three - While walking to the third challenge, Rosalinda attempted to hypnotize Cecil. It did not work. The Globetrotting Fans won again.

Chapter Four - Rosalinda said in the confessional that nobody believes she's actually a hypnotist. She continued to try and hypnotize Cecil. Rosalinda volunteered for the last round of the challenge, where she faced off against Frasier. Rosalinda tried to hypnotize Frasier, but failed and lost to him. She voted for Cecil, but was voted out.


Total Drama Losers

Salvatore - Rosalinda was attracted to Salvatore during her time on the show.


Rosalinda has always been a smart girl. She likes outwitting her classmates, and is a mater of persuasion. She became interested in hypnotism after seeing a performance where her brother and sister were hypnotized into acting like chickens. After studying hypnotism, Rosalinda used her new skill to her advantage, being able to get out of tests in school, and even getting boys to fall in love with her.


Total Drama Losers

  • Her story about her siblings being hypnotized into acting like chickens is not a reference to "Chicken".
  • She received six votes.
  • Rosalinda never successfully hypnotized anyone on the show.

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