Team Olympic

Rosalie f

Episode Eliminated "New Year's Farewell""
Place 1st,
Relationship Emmett
Friends Andre, Dania, Frosty, Ivy, Lexi, Mitchel, Saber, Twilight
Enemies Britt, Jade, Zaina

Rosalie, labeled as the Hopeless Romantic, was a contestant on Total Drama Frozen. She later competes on Twin It to Win It


Rosalie was raised with three simple principles; To never, ever give up, no matter the risk, to do to others as she wished done to herself, and to love and protect those who she holds dear. It is through those three ideas, that Rosalie grew into the woman that she is today. When she was young, she resented her father for everything that he was, and she hated herself because she knew she would grow up to be just like him. Her father was able to fake a smile, but underneath it all, she knew he was grieving, and by following the three principles her life would become the same. During Rosalie’s many years of schooling, she was always the most beautiful, yet even with the gift of good-looks, she could never find a life time partner. Rosalie joined Total Drama Frozen in hopes she could find the right guy for her, and if not, maybe the right guy was out, watching her.


  • In the orignal Frozen, Rosalie placed 3rd. She is eliminated due to Jade discovering her secret (from Saber) and being black mailed. 
  • Rosalie's artwork was made by Mana

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