Rosa, is a contestant on Total Drama Forest, labeled The No-Nonsense Adventurer.                                        

Rosa (TDF)
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Eat Your Heart Out"
Place 17th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Brother
Friends None
Enemies Tia, G.oddess
Fear Her parents being dissapointed in her.
Talent Adventure, Sarcasm


Rosa's parents are both successful archeologists and adventurers. When her brother, stated he didn't want to become an adventurer her parents shunned him. Not wanting to be a dissapointment to her parents, she became a adventurer aswell. However, she is very serious about it. She is competitive and will do anything to become the best adventurer.

Rosa joined to show how easy it is to win Total Drama.


  • Rosa's reason for joining is based of Russell Hantz's
  • Rosa was the eighth person eliminated from the game. She recieved 3 marshmallows.
  • Rosa was not in early drafts of the story, but was added due to lack of antagonists. She filled this role exceedingly well.
  • Rosa ended up being one of my favorites to write for, and eliminating her was extraordinarily difficult .

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