Freezing Seals
Gender Male
Hair color Light Brown
Episode Eliminated "Blizzards of Waverly Place"
Place 14th
Relationship Meagan (one-sided on his side)
Family Mother, Father, Older Sister
Friends None
Enemies Meagan (one-sided on her side)
Fear The Total Drama: Paradise Beach series ending
Talent Reciting TD:PB facts

Ronald, labeled The TDPB Superfan, is a contestant on Total Drama Antarctica. Ronald was a nobody, really, until he became a fan of Total Drama: Paradise Beach. He is what you would call a big name fan. He has dozens of fanfictions, including re-imaginings of the season and other stories. He first saw the show when he saw the season premiere. He had heard of the past seasons, but has yet to watch the first seasons, which started with Total Drama Island. He made elimination tables and charts of statistics for TDPB, and started a fan club. He soon climbed to the top of the fan ladder, even getting the attention of the producers. When Ronald was offered a spot in the next season, he couldn't resist.

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