Chapter 1 Okay my name is flame. Me and some contestants are on tdi again. There is this Guy named Duncan I have a major crush on. He is on tdi also. One day on one of The challenges Chris pairs me and Duncan up. Lindsey said"Go get him Flame". Me And Duncan were talking and I just blurted out that I had a crush on him. He Thought that was sweet. Nobody really liked him. Duncan and I came out of the woods holding hands. Nobody new about us in the woods. Duncan told Trent that He had a specail surprise for me. The next night he wrote me a love note. Everyone new Duncan had something called a romance side. The next day we did a Very hard challenge. We had to dance on a small platform. Duncan took the final Fall for me.

Chapter 2 Well,the next day Duncan was acting really nice around me. It freaked everyone Out because he was really mean on the last to seasons. The next day we bumped into eachother and we accedently kissed each other. Courtney saw us and she Freaked out. Duncan said "I have no regrets". The next day we were doing The big sleep. Well, me and Duncan fell asleep. The next hour Duncan woke up And noticed I was cuddling with him. Courtney got really ticked off. I had no Regrets. niether did Duncan. We decided to vote Courtney off. We all said "Yes". Well, me and Duncan took a walk in the woods and started kissing. I mumbled he Really likes me. Duncan mumbled the same thing. I was so happy. Duncan said "I Guess I do have a romance side".

The end.

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