Gender Female
Hair color Black with Purple
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Older Brother
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Restraint
Talent Motorcycle Riding, Sculpting

Rochelle is a character labeled The Biker Chick. Rochelle has yet to appear in a story.


Rochelle grew up in a comfortable household with her lenient parents and older brother. She was always a carefree girl who loved to run around outside just for the rush of energy. Rochelle received her first bicycle as a present from her dad for her fourth birthday. From that day forward, whenever she could, Rochelle would zoom out of her house, get on her bicycle and just ride around aimlessly. Luckily, she was born with an innate sense of direction, so she always returned home when she got tired or knew when her parents wanted her back by. Rochelle never outgrew this free spirit, even as a teenager. She has obtained multiple piercings, streaked her naturally black hair purple, and began listening to rough power metal music, just because she likes it. Her parents do not mind this lifestyle, as long as she remains safe from any real danger. When Rochelle turned sixteen, instead of trying to obtain her driver's license, she opted to get a motorcycle license. She easily passed all of her tests, and now owns her own motorcycle. Now Rochelle never drives anywhere with her parents, preferring to ride her motorcycle with the wind in her hair and her thoughts at ease. Rochelle auditioned for Total Drama because she thought it would be a fun experience, like her own personal thrill ride.


Rochelle was created by The Anonymous User

Rochelle's image was drawn by Kenzen11

Rochelle is slated to appear in Turnertang's non-canon story Detective Agency as a cameo suspect, but has not appeared as of yet.

Rochelle's character was originally going to be very different, a biker with a rough exterior who is really harmless and wants to be treated as an individual, rather than stereotyped as a violent person. This was changed when I decided to combine her character with another one I had planned to make, a free-spirited gypsy girl who loved to wander in nature and was a severe claustrophobic. I thought she would be too similar to Waterlily, and Rochelle would be too similar to Renee, so I decided to combine the two.

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