Robby, labeled The Trouble Maker, competed on Total Drama Isle and Total Drama Vegas.

Barking Dogs
Gender Male
Hair color Black with Green
Episode Eliminated "TDI: Dancing with the Campers


Place TDI: 12th


Relationship Alyx
Friends Alyx
Enemies Joy, and Cayla
Talent Skateboarding
Counterpart Duncan


Robby from Total Drama Isle

Robby is a skater and a trouble maker.

He joined to win

Chapter Guide

Chapter 1- He was put on the Barking Dogs, who won

Chapter 2- He tells Alyx he likes her and kiss. He forms an alliance with Alyx and Scott. His team won

Chapter 3- Cayla joins the alliance. He votes Patrick least important and Kelly off when they lose

Chapter 4- His talent was skateboarding and performed in the talent show. His team won

Chapter 5- He didn't get his answer right, and lost. He voted Kelly

Chapter 6- His team lost and he voted Joy

Chapter 7- His team won.

Chapter 8- His team won

Chapter 9- His team lost and he voted for Joy

Chapter 10-His team lost and voted Jude

Chapter 11- He was paired with Alyx for the challenge, but he lost. He voted Nelly, but was voted off

Chapter 18- He was constantly making out with Alyx. He wants Scott to win and voted Nelly out.

Reunion- Robby was constantly making out with Alyx and was the fourth most popular character, making it to season two.

Character Guide: Total Drama Vegas

In "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas", Robby continually makes out with Alyx, and ends up losing the challenge due to that.



Alyx, Cayla, and Scott