Screaming Gaffers
Total Drama Rick
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Aliens Egg-Spect Less Drama"
Place 11th
Relationship None
Family Sister, Brother, Dad, "Momma"
Friends Troy
Enemies Bambi, Sally, Bella, Thompson

Rick, labeled The Stereotypical Redneck, was a competitor on Total Drama Revenge of the Film Set, and was placed on the Screaming Gaffers. It is unknown if he will return for a second season.


Rick is a careless guy that lays back and relaxes, but can also get mouthy to others. He isn't very helpful most of the time.

Total Drama Revenge of the Film Set

In Not So Happy Actors, Rick is first seen giving Benny mints. 

Later in the challenge, the contestants had to retrieve flags from around film lot. Rick pushes Thompson off of the fake cliff. Rick then sees a flag in the pool at the bottom. He gets the flag and hears Thompson complain that every bone in his body is broken. Moments later, Rick notices a trampoline under Thompson and tells him that he is pathetic.

Later, he only has one flag, and so does everyone else, except for Kelly, who has two. Kelly doesn't pick Rick and he is on the Screaming Gaffers. He is in the bottom two, and it is revealed that Thompson voted for him, although he is safe and gets the last ice cream cone, ending his enemy, Thompson's, chance at winning as he is eliminated.

In Aliens Egg-Spect Less Drama, Rick tells his team that they need to work harder. Troy tells him that "pushing people off of cliffs isn't working hard." 

Later, Bambi and Troy argue on who is the strongest. They decide to split up. All of the girls go with Bambi, but Rick goes with Troy. Bambi tells Rick that he will regret it.

In the girls group, Bambi mentions that if the team loses, that the girls should vote off Rick. The girls agree.

In the guys group, Rick and Troy both agree that if tey lose, Bambi would be their vote. Rick then slips in yellow paint, which means he is out.

Rick's team walks back empty-handed. His team is announced to elimination.

Again, Rick is in the bottom two with Bambi, although this time, Bambi gets the ice cream cone. Rick becomes sad and leaves, ending his journey.


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