Richard, The Orphan, is currently competing in Total Drama Popstars and was on Team Sopranos and The Stealing Racoons.

Richard (TDPS)
Team Sopranos

Stealing Racoons

Merging Survivors

Richard (TDPS)
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Priscilla Joanne
Family None
Friends Priscilla Joanne, Ulrich, Chris and Gennifer
Enemies Victoria
Fear Not Haiving A Family
Talent Selling Newspapers


Richard's sad life started off normal but than he lost his parents to a fire that was caused by accident. Richard was placed in a foster family but was placed in an orphange where he lives to this day. Richard has made peace with his life and decided to just go with it. Most of the girls Richard talks to either don't know or don't care that Richard is an orphan. All Richard wants to do is be a normal teenager and go to high school but instead as to get a job. Richard found out about Total Drama Pop Stars when a producer saw him sing in front of a music store to gain extra cash. Richard's main job is paperboy which has him getting up at the crack of dawn and delivering newspapers to people in his neighbourhood. Richard thinks the prize money will help him buy a place of his own when he's older.


Meet The Stars: Richard, along with Priscilla Joanne, was the second to last to arrive he deemed Chris flirting with Priscilla Joanne as awkward. Richard is than seen glaring at Victoria when she starting talking about being fan favorite. He than laughs, along with everyone else, when Ulrich wasn't attracted to Victoria and called her ugly. He is last seen celebrating his team's win over The Baritones and is also happy that they are safe from elimination.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: Richard voted for Marissa without even looking up and showed no concern when Marissa and Sam left. When Chris told Avalon to sit out since she had the second most number of votes Richard offered to sit out instead. During the challenge Richard watched, along with Chris, to the fights and was happy that no one else will be leaving. Richard was last seen questioning Xavier when he wanted to quit the game but Xavier made up his mind.

Wild It Up: Richard finally told Priscilla Joanne how he really feels about her and kissed her on the lips before rejoining the others. After Xavier quit, which Richard tried to prevent, he was placed on The Stealing Racoons and was dragged out of the bus by an overly excited Nick. After Priscilla Joanne questions Bucky's nane meaning the moose than bucks Richard to the ground answering her question. He was seen to be happy after his team won and got a chance to have first grab at the cabins.

Hide 'N Shrink: Richard is first seen running out of the cabin when Victoria screamed after they found out they've been shrunk. Richard is next seen talking to Nick and Bryan when they were looking for a good hiding spot, Richard told Bryan that they heard his stories before like a million times and showed no concern when Bryan ran off screaming. Richard was than seen hiding under their cabin after it was returned to it's normal size and wasn't seen or mentioned until he was caught. Richard is last seen voting Bryan off which was of no ill will and agreed when Priscilla Joanne said "no hard feelings" to Bryan.

Fear Fabrication: After seeing Victoria scream at the blood she found on the ground Richard, after his girlfriend jumped into his arms, asked what kind of person would leave blood on the ground Chris appeared answering his question, Richard was next seen seeing a sappy family drama movie which is his biggest fear since he has no family of his own. He passed the challenge since he's a strong person to sit through those kind of movies which would make him cry in a different way.

Blah Blah Land: During the challenge Richard is seen doing the challenge and apparently lost the challenge third after Ulrich and Priscilla Joanne. He asked Priscilla Joanne what she and Ulrich was talking about she said "girl talk" which he seemed to take as the truth. He kissed Priscilla Joanne good-bye after she was the one voted off.

Screw Balled Up: During the challenge he takes a rowing job with Gennifer and seems to like taking Nick's constant barking. After they won the challenge he and Gennifer cheered since they got to be in the final six along with Nick and Victoria.

The One With The Big Merge: Richard is seen playing volleyball and commented why everyday can't be like that day. Nina told him that Chris was sitting nearby and Richard told her his happiness would be great fro raitngs. He is later seen talking to Gennifer on the dock and gave her advice on getting a makeover and was surprised to see her as Jenny. Richard got third place in the challenge and later told Jenny that he's sorry for giving her advice on the makeover and her new attitude. Richard was in the bottom three and was the fourth contestant declared safe and he stated Gennifer's speech was beautiful.

Animal Distraction: Richard is shown setting foot on their new island along with the other contestants and was seen doing the mini challenge. He lost the mini challenge along with Ulrich and was shocked when the main challeng ewas announced. Richard is than seen riding on the back of a bear which Victoria questioned until Richard said that her questioning was right. At elimination Richard was safe and was unaware that Chris was man-napped.


  • Richard is only one of two contestants to be an orphan the other is Marissa
  • Richard was inspired by Ira from Total Drama Time Travel
  • Richard's job as a paperboy is the same as Ira's job as a newsboy

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