Richard, labeled The Kind Strategist is a camper in Total Drama Infinity.

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place 3rd
Relationship None
Family Father, (deceased) Seto (younger brother)
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Seto getting badly hurt
Talent Chess, strategics, children's card games


Richard's very first game was a game of chess he played with his father at age three. Richard's father, a popular campaign manager for the Democratic party, loves strategics and chess. Richard had a daily practice of playing a game of chess with his dad, and then with his younger brother, Seto. After every game of chess, both with his dad and with Seto, Richard always left with new knowledge of strategy. His favorite chess pieces are his pawns, because they have a lot of potential in a good game of chess once they make it across the board. Sometimes Richard's dad went easy on him and let his son win, but most of the time Richard loses to his old man, and as a result, does better every day. Then the fateful day came. Richard and Seto had just gotten home from school, and he sat down to play his dad in chess, as he always did. Throughout the game, Richard's dad did his absolute best, using every strategy and tactic he knew. Richard too put everything he had into that one game. After many well-played moves on both sides, Richard eventually emerged as the victor. It was the most fun game of chess either of them had ever played. The next day, when Richard came home from school, his dad wasn't there like he usually was. Richard noticed a letter on his doorstep and read it aloud to himself and Seto. His father was assassinated that day. Richard was devastated. That night, he dreamed of playing chess with his father, and at the end, his dad said something Richard remembers to this day: He told Richard to never give up, that even when things look grim, like being in check, there are always ways to overcome it. Soon after, Richard's father's landlord kicked Richard and Seto out of their house with nothing but their clothes and Richard's chess set. Inspired by his father and that one dream he had, Richard joined Infinity to win the money so he could buy a home for himself and Seto.


Seto, Richard's younger brother


  • Richard's character model was drawn by Sprinklemist.
  • Richard is partly based off of Seto Kaiba from the anime Yugioh.
    • His little brother being named Seto is a reference to Seto Kaiba, who deeply cared for his little brother, Mokuba.

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