Rhonda, labeled as The Stalker Fan, appears in Total Drama What The Heck? as a co-host to Chris.

Rhonda (TDWTH?)
2015-09-01 23 36 – Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings
Gender Female
Hair color Brunette, Purple or occasionally something else.
Relationship None
Friends Jenny (maybe), Toby (maybe),Wiki Friends Chris (maybe), Bobo the monkey, Sierra, Julie (maybe)
Enemies Heather, Chef Hatchet
Fear Driving, Bugs,
Talent Stalking, Writing (debatable)


Rhonda has always been a big fan of Total Drama since it's first season. She has followed it pretty closely, and often blogs about it, writes fanfictions involving it, and occasionally breaks into the contestants' houses and sleep in their beds. Rhonda is obsessed with the show, and though she can downplay how crazed she is, it is always in the back of her mind. She does have a bit of a strong connection with other fans, including third season competitor, Sierra. 

Rhonda had been stalking Chris ever since she find out the show was coming back. Seeing Rhonda's eagerness and dedication, she became co-host to have someone who would do a majority of the work of planning the new season. Rhonda's efforts resulted in Total Drama What The Heck? Now Rhonda is ready for the experience she would have killed for, but will it be worth it in the long run? 

Total Drama What The Heck?


  • Rhonda is somewhat based on the author.
  • Rhonda's nature was a butt monkey was partially to avoid having her feel like a Mary Sue given she's based off the author and because she's a female host, who tend to be not as well treated. 
  • Rhonda was made a co-host in WTH? to add some comic relief.
  • Rhonda was designed to be a foil for Chris Mclean, having several opposites;
    • Chris is a middle aged man while Rhonda is a young girl, almost a teenager. 
    • Chris is a sadist while Rhonda is kinder and shows more concern for the contestants. 
    • Chris is an egomaniac while Rhonda lacks a lot of self esteem. 
    • Chris is seen as a handsome and very famous while Rhonda is seen as frumpy and practically unknown in the celebrity world. 
    • Chris is lazy and leaves works to others while Rhonda has to do a lot of the work herself and is rather controlling of it. 
    • Chris often abuses his sidekick Chef, while Rhonda's co-hosts have more power and tend to mistreat her. 
    • Chris has a lot of control over the show, a budget for special treatments and can be threatening and abuse his power while Rhonda's power is limited due to a poor budget and executive forces and gains little respect from the contestants or her co-hosts.
  • Rhonda's initial image (shown below) and current image are drawn by JER!


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